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  1. This is one of the two cut-out switches presented to me for 1932 Auburn eights. The other is identical except it has a bare brass finish. (Those photos were too large to upload here.) Which is correct?
  2. This was my first time at Hershey. I found the golf carts as annoying as everyone ever told me they were (maybe they need to be fitted with cowcatchers?), but no more annoying than the people who looked right at me as I was taking pictures on the show field, then walked right into the picture...or the vendor who, when I tried to negotiate on a piece of literature, reacted as if I had insulted his mother... I do think that the energy some of the security guards expended on making sure people were paying for parking, might have been better spent making sure people were following the rules on the fields. There are (polite euphemism here) donkeys at every car show and if you make rules they will break them. That said, I had a wonderful week and will return in the future...with considerably more money than I brought this year. So many nice things left behind for other people to buy...
  3. I remember reading somewhere that this thing still exists - true?
  4. Mayor Walker's car is believed to have been Murphy Town Car J-344 / 2362. It was parted out in the late 1930s. The engine survives in another car and some parts remain elsewhere.
  5. Aston Martin DB2 wasn't it? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I could live with the other accessories, but the external trunk needs to go away. I believe that the Manns' car is a twin save colors to the Milhous's roadster, and also a Roxas creation.
  7. Melton had a 1910 Limited which I believe is now the one in the National Automobile Museum in Reno (correct me if I'm wrong). A lot of the best brass stuff at Harrah's was Melton's, and found its way into the museum in Reno. The two Ghosts are indeed together again in a prominent NV-based collection. Also note the ex-Melton Paige Daytona Speedster prototype in the latest AA. He had some great cars, and he USED them...and he let other people use them. Visitors to the Autorama in Florida were given rides.
  8. BJM, we're both in that minority.
  9. I've learned from own experiences in my own clubs of choice that change is inevitable and has to be accepted to a certain extent. We elect leaders to make decisions for us, and sometimes they handle and/or make decisions that we don't agree with. That's why terms run out. That's why elections are held. If you don't like what an organization does, vote with your ballot. If you don't like who's making the decisions, run. Arguing over it in public just puts out a bad first impression, IMHO. The ACD Club has a separate section on their forum for members only, Topics. It allows these sort of things to be discussed by members without airing them out to the public.
  10. Mr. Beauchamp, very, very, very well-said. My only question, after carefully reading and reviewing this entire thread, is when CCCA membership will realize that public discussions like this, nitpicking and throwing slings and arrows back and forth, do nothing but scare off people like me. I've never seen an organization that, at least nationally, seems so terrified of cars outside its (very narrow) field of acceptance. The Town & Country was accepted. The sky is still up. The world still turns. The ground did not crack open. Take a deep breath and move on.
  11. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me where the AAA keeps its archives/files? I swear I remember hearing that they were donated to a museum somewhere but can't recall where. Best, Chris S.
  12. Steve, we've had some pretty wacky "replicas" show up in the past, so I'd be inclined to say yes. The 2nd Generation cars are allowed to participate in regional meets and the national reunion, where they get their own parking area. Generally no one has a problem with them as long as an owner doesn't try to pass one off as an original car...which would not be a problem with the car in question. I really do feel for the car's owner. I'm sure that this really is the best he can do and that he has some degree of pride in it. That said, that same description likely also applied to the engineer who designed the Ford Pinto's gas tank.
  13. The body looks like a Glaser (of Dresden) to me but I'm not an expert on European coachwork. Glaser's archives were destroyed in the firebombing during WWII.
  14. I'm going to pretend I didn't just physically recoil back into my chair and scream, and politely mention that my beloved ACD Club welcomes 2nd Generation and replica automobiles of all makes and description, so, I suppose, this actually could show up at one of our meets in the future. The man or woman who brings it will be greeted warmly by me with an adult beverage, if only in appreciation of bravery the likes of which I will never know. See you in Auburn!
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