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  1. You are probably looking at around $3000 from this crowd. Most people on here know what these cars are really worth.
  2. Let me get this straight..... Let's say as you suggest..... quote..."I lived in north San Diego County in the late 90's and saw real estate escalate by 25% per year and waiting lists to get on the list to sign a purchase contract on a house to be built and all the buyer could choose was the floor plan and everything else was per the builders specs. Used houses were a bidding war with all selling above the listing price." Are you suggesting that developers and speculators are the "good" guys and that those "evil stupid" people buying the property to live there are to blame for this bust that
  3. Typical republickan projectionist point of view. Have you even been to Florida? The real estate crisis is real here and it is mostly the fault of over zealous speculation. The bad mortgage crap is only a very small percentage of the problem.
  4. Oh, I see said the blind man, apparently the blurb I was watching on the news did not mention the other plant, they made it sound like they were halting all minivan production for a while. The tax structure here in FL did not help either, as values went up the tax % stayed the same. My home I purchased for $120k has taxes of $1800 while the same townhouse purchased in 2006 @ $350k is paying about $7000 in taxes. This was another reason that sales started to slow, in many cases your tax bill would be larger than the mortgage payment. And to top that off the cities used the inflated tax revenue
  5. I was in Bogota Colombia in May and they are buying/driving Chinese made vehicles already. I must say the prices are higher down there, I noticed a Kia Sportage advertised at close to $30,000 (ouch), and they are paying about $.50 a gallon higher for their gasoline. One thing I am curios about however is diesel is cheaper that gas down there like it used to be here. I don't understand why it is so high here.
  6. You are right Chrysler did start manufacturing the 2008 design minivan, but they have since halted the assembly plant, sighting slow sales. Being a real estate person, I am surprised that you have not heard about the mess that speculators/developers have caused here in Florida. From the time I moved here in 1999 until 2006 prices sky-rocketed, my own townhouse went from $120k to over $400k during that period, and now the comps in this area are around $225k. Now the average Joe is trapped, unable to upgrade or sell. I must say that the property values are more realistic now and I personally am
  7. Rusty, Did you happen to hear that minivan production was halted last week? What a shame that is, I get 27mpg highway with my 2003 Caravan. I won't be getting a hybrid any time soon. Actually Rusty the real estate problems lie more on the shoulders of speculators gobbling up new construction in hopes of making a quick profit on the flip, thereby causing a glut of property on the market which is driving the prices down and leaving those folks with a mortgage larger than their property is worth, consequently we end up with the mees that we have now. Forclosures and bad loans only make up a small
  8. Bill, Look at the real estate mess that was caused by Speculators driving the prices sky high, and now they have done the same to oil. You're missing what I am saying, all of the dumb sh*t middle class slobs like me and many many others are paying for this Bushite hierarchy of the "Haves and Have-mores" And stop projecting by throwing the word "Communism" around.
  9. Good morning Bill, I agree they are rumors. Let's not forget who we are talking about here. Cerebus is made up of "Financial Vultures" thay are not hanging around to preserve the company that I have loved so dearly since the early 60's, they have other factors motivating them like GREED.
  10. When Cerebus purchased Chrysler they promised to NOT break it up, or sell off divisions. Now the financila news I heard yesterday suggests that they may be about to do just that. It is rumored that they may sell Jeep and the Dodge Ram to who knows who. I hope this doesn't mean the loss of my liftime friend.
  11. Boy somebody ( P.T. BARNUM ) is making a a lot of money off those fake fender portholes. Where I live the are most often seen on vehicles from the other side of town with 22's.
  12. <span style="color: #FF0000">PLease STOP with the Buick fender portholes! They are usually seen on 80's GM cars with 22's.</span>
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