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  1. A real ozone generator (not the cheap type that plugs into your cigarette lighter... a good one that plugs into the wall, plan on $100 or more from Amazon) will do wonders. Just don't leave it in there for weeks or it will start to bleach the fabric.
  2. I am stunned that this car is still on the market, sorry to hear about your bad luck with Irene!
  3. you can buy one from Bob's Automobilia Bob's Automobilia
  4. Excellent, thanks so much for this info suchan!!
  5. Hi guys, I know this is a strange request since I in fact own my own 1938 model 41 (Special 4 door trunk-back touring sedan) but what I am looking for is dimensions so I can figure out storage for my car. To make a long story short I rent a garage space about 15 minutes from my home to store and work on my Buick... my home is a condo so no garage. I pay a premium to have a spot where I can work on the car and which is close to my home. I've just learned that I am being given the opportunity to lead a major project for my company in Hong Kong, which will necessitate moving there for 12-18 months. So in the meantime it makes sense to store my Buick in a storage facility or the like. Currently I am on another project in Canada, so I can't just pop over to measure my car... but I need to start researching my options ASAP since I may be leaving in less than 45 days. Anyway, if anyone can tell me how much width and length I need to allot for my '38 41 I would appreciate it... can't seem to find this info on the web. Thanks!
  6. Agreed, I am a cat lover and thought this video was hilarious!
  7. Man, very puzzling... as stated before, if you have compression, spark and fuel you should at least have some sputtering/"barking" from the engine as it tries to run. The fact that you seem to have all three of these things yet the engine isn't even trying to start says to me that something is fundamentally awry. Is it possible that you mixed up plug wires while setting the timing and now have the wrong wires going to the wrong plugs?
  8. Looks like a match to me!
  9. Yeah, I am puzzled too... I agree that the grill looks much like the style on the 40 Chrysler. My brother sent me the picture, the wreck is located on a piece of property he is thinking of buying and he was wondering out of idle curiosity if I could identify it... I told him between the grill with the broad chrome spears and the bumper/iron design I figured late 30s/pre-war but couldn't nail it down more than that.
  10. Any ideas what this car once was? Fairly distinctive bumper, but the chrome "spears" on the solid metal backing has me scratching my head...
  11. Would it be possible to use one of those tent-like carport things instead? I don't think they're prohibitively expensive and this would keep a cover from coming into contact with the paint and trapping moisture.
  12. What a beauty! Congrats!
  13. Man oh man, what a car! Congrats on your newest addition!
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