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  1. Union (Auburn, Indiana 1916), Union 25 (Columbus, OH 1911-12) United Power, (NY, NY 1901) U.S. Runabout (Upper Sandusky, OH 1907-08) Utilis (Rockdale, Ill 1907) from the Standard Guide.
  2. I use a 3 ring binder. I've got my shop manual stored in it. I've got the binding cut ($3 at Kinkos) and put all the pages in document protetors. This way they can be removed for working on the car or copied, enlarged, exc. Plus the manual stays flat when in use. I also add info to it as the need arises. I've added receipts for parts, and the cars title. I use a folder on the computer for restoration pictures and also have drawn diagrams for systems such as the carb, gas tank, and others. This documents item locations that are not discribed in the manual.
  3. Larry, nice to see an Olds on its way to the road again. You're making good progress. I love the dash on these cars. Keep us updated.
  4. I beleive there's a 1903 Packard at the mesuem in Warren, OH as well.
  5. You have lots of great stuff! Looks like fun.
  6. Nice! I love Whippits! My grandfather's first car was a 1930 Whippet 4 door sedan. He allways said it was a very fast car and was easy to maintain. After the Whippit he bought Chevys. What do you like best about it? I'm allways surprised to see how small they are, relatively speaking. I'm trying to find out some information from the Willys Kinght-Overland-Registry. Not sure grandpa's car was a 1930. Looking at pictures I think it was earlier, can't be sure though. If you search Youtube there's a video on there of a guy starting up his Whippet. Pretty neat. Love the car! -Steve
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