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  1. looking at the tailights it looks like you have one of each. The green one could be a '53. captbrian '38
  2. george ashe in PA is the mopar OD king. you can look him up on the Plymouth owners club website.
  3. what is still available on this car as far as the engine and trans is concerned. Where is it located, still in PA? thanks, Brian
  4. is the engine in question a mopar and where are you located? Brian
  5. Hi all, got Buick running and it is running well. Needs to be washed real good but it will survive to go on for another 70 odd years. Alos needs rear drivers fender fixed, got misshapen in a swipe at a cruise in, but the car is still all there and all original, needing nothing but elbow grease and TLC.
  6. thanx for asking, family OK. As I've said here people who have nothing lost everything, at least I have some stuff left and place to live. Buick got water in the crankcase through the breather and displaced all the oil and you can imagine what a mess that was. Drained filled with fresh oil and pulled plugs to crank easier and got a new battery to help the process. Will tune and try to start in the next few days and get it up to temp. Brian
  7. thanks, lost half of my house too, trying to stabilize now. Can't have the car sitting here right now if you know what I mean. My 41 Plymouth survived as did my truck so I guess I did better than a lot of folks. Some have nothing and lost everything. Brian
  8. the asking price is $4000 I have more than that into it. with all the parts and engine rebuild. Lost too much to Irene to have it sit here for six months with nothing done to it in that time. Some one will get a bargain I think. Brian
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