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  1. Mopar radio model 810. Make offer.
  2. What would the best source for a trunk seal for a 1954 Dodge Coronet 4dr
  3. I have a set of nos GM brake shoes. Would like to know what they fit. Part # 5454125. Thanks
  4. Thanks Keiser 31. One can always get the info one's looking for.
  5. I have a Mopar NOS license plate bracket that I would like to know what it fits. The package has the plate #4194370 and all the hardware. The package #4194372. Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. I have 3 PD engine blocks from 1933 with oil pumps in them. Any help ?
  7. I have 3 Plymouth engines ID #,s PD15776, PD37742, PD41281. Would like $50.00 each.
  8. 1933 Plymouth engines. ID numbers PD15776, PD37742, PD41281.
  9. Is there a sorce for the correct engine paint for these Willys engines?
  10. Hi again. Forget to ask. where can I get a heat riser repair kit? Thanks
  11. 1939 Royal 6cyl. The dist. in the car is model igs 4102c-1 ser 4-T000082. Would this be the correct dist. Having a problem adjusting the timing. The vacuum advance hits the oil fill tube. Thanks for any help. Harold.
  12. In need of a wiper switch for a 1939 Chrysler
  13. While you are checking things, check the belt. That would be more like a chirpping sound.