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  1. Hi Chris....That is 1:00 on Thursday. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you. My cell is 832-244-2101. Please give me a call when you get to Chickasha......John
  2. Hi, Just to let everyone know there will be a meeting of Brush enthusiasts at Chickasha again this year. We had a good time last year talking about our Brush projects and stories. We will meet at 1:00 by the North Building. If anyone is going and interested please e-mail me and I'll give you further details. John Guy 832-244-2101
  3. Hi Gary... You might want to consider joining the Brush owners Association. There are about 100 members and a pretty good source for everything Brush. If you e-mail privately I can forward the information.
  4. Just wondering what happened with this car. Did it sell?
  5. I'm looking mostly for Liberty parts, but I'm interested in whatever is available. I regret not attending Homers auction....work got in the way. Thanks!
  6. thanks for the info....I caught a couple on ebay.... I'll try ModelThaven also.
  7. Curious to see if anyone out there has some parts available for a Brush Runabout. Single parts, pile of spares....what have you?
  8. I am wishing to sell my 1915 Saxon Model14 Roadster car and parts collection. The car is disassembled and about 80-90% complete. I have collected many parts over the years which will aid in the restoration. The car has a good roadster body but needs new wood. I have 2 sets of door skins for the doors. I have 3 frames, one which is in great shape, one fair and one just to scavenge parts, 3 rear end/transmissions, 6 Continental 4 cylinder engines and blocks, 3 radiators with shells, some sheetmetal, and 3 Saxon wheels. Also have 2 carburetors, and a wide assortment of small parts. There are also
  9. I'm very interested in any available Brush parts. There are quite a number of things I could use. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks.... John Guy
  10. Hi....I edit the Brush Runabout and we are about to send out the Fall Newsletter. If you can send me detailed information and contact info I will be more than happy to include the request in this newsletter. I will be sending it to the printer probably Wednesday or Thursday. You may e-mail me at Brushrunabout @gmail.com. John Guy
  11. 1915Saxon

    Metz Parts

    The Metz has always been one of my favorite cars. I am wondering if there are any parts, or parts cars out there to start a restoration. I particularly like the Plan Car. Any information would be appreciated.
  12. I was at Chickasha OK and Mark from ModelTHaven has a couple of Brush projects he is putting together that he said will be for sale fairly soon. You might also try the Brush Owners Association....I edit the newsletter. I don't know what your budget is but there are a couple of cars for sale. E-mail me privately and I can give you the info.
  13. Go to ModelThaven.com....they recently posted pics for some Model 10 stuff for sale.
  14. Hi...Always wondered about the Pate meet. Is there generally alot of brass era stuff?
  15. Does anyone have, or know a source for detailed plans or blueprints for Model T wood bodies? I am looking for either an Express or Depot Hack, and pick-up bed for a roadster. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)
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