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  1. I have used Sea Foam on all my cars. Here is what I do: I suck 1/3 of it in the vacuum hose. You have to give the car a bit of gas to keep in sucking in and then right away shut it off when it starts to bog. Then I would put another 1/3 right in the oil and the last of it into the gas tank. Make sure to let you car sit about 10 minutes (the longer the more it will work on getting the carbon out of the engine is what I was told.) Start your car up after the "long" 10 minutes, the engine may bog a little to begin, but don't worry it will start. If you look behind you just after you start your car you will see a big cloud of dark exhaust coming out of your car; don't worry, that's the carbon the Sea Foam just cleaned up. Then it is time to take your car for a little cruise; maybe just a couple blocks, and give it plenty of gas. The dark cloud of exhaust will disapate after a bit. Then of course, cruise and enjoy your car! Have a wonderful day!
  2. I had a problem not too long ago with my 90 reatta. When I pulled back on the switch to turn the high beams on; the dash would brighten and the high beams wouldn't turn on. I also found out that I didn't have parking lights. My friend and I took the tail end and the front end apart to check all the conections; they were all fine in the front, but in the back, one little light just didn't want to light up. So we made a better conection and all the lights worked just fine after that. So my suggestion would be to check all the conections before doing anything too drastic. Good luck!
  3. I do admit, it looks nice, but only to a point. Then it makes me want to gag. Whomever thought that one up should be slapped. I like yellow on some sports cars, but it is not ment to be on a classy Reatta. Reattas should be left in their normal colors they came in, from the factory, or something from the same year of the Reatta. I love the original classy colors of black with tan, and white with gray, as well as the other colors. Keep them lookin' classy!
  4. I will be using the master cylinder booster as a whole for one of my reattas that is being fixed. (those reattas, Lol! such beauty but such a pain...) I have been "junkyard jumping" this last fall before the frost; and I did see a riv in Somerset Auto Salvage. It was way in the back. It was still in very good condition. I didn't have time to check under the hood, (searching for Fiero parts...) but maybe if you give them a call and ask if they may have it still in the riv. I also know that there is a couple other junked rivs out there in junk yards in the area. I found "junkyard jumping" to be very handy for search for a few hard to find parts. You never know what you will find in the back of a junk yard...
  5. I tried to start it last year in December, but she just wouldn't start. At first we thought it was the cold; but she still wouldn't start in the spring. It was like she was trying, but nothing. I have had my friends (who own a couple reattas with me,) look at it for me; and they couldn't figure out what was causing her not to start. I also had a friend of the family take a look at her; he said there was oil in the antifreeze and antifreeze in the oil (or something like that. His words were slurding together. I caught him at the bar. Lol) I wish I had someone to help me out to figure out why she will not start. She was running fine up until then.
  6. I will be parting out my 90’ Rivera. It's the last thing I thought I would do to her, but it's just too many problems for me to fix at this moment in time. I do hope to purchase an 89 Riviera someday in my future, to keep the Riviera spirit alive within me. Lol! I will be selling the rims and body parts. I will get pictures to those interested. Please contact me for additional information and pictures. Thank you! Have a great day! (Drive carefully out there! ) I will be taking pics in the spring, when I can reach my riv easier. I also need to go through and see what is savible; since she does have little rust. I will be shining up the rims when I get them off. The the front seats are in rough shape, but the back seat was fine. I will update when I get more on what is still in good shape. Thank you! (Keep on truckin'!)
  7. I wouldn't say that, I know these cars. I have friends who work on them, as well as own them. I know that the Fiero that I will be getting is more relaible than the Aclaim that I have. I know how to take care of the Fiero, and the Aclaim I have no clue. I would rather work on the car myself and with friends than have some mechanic that is going to charge me a arm and a leg. Since I have only had problems with my Aclaim since I have purchased it, so I am returning it to the pervous owner.
  8. <img src="" alt="" /> I am going to be returning this car, I am getting a more relable car with the money I get back from this one. I will be getting a 88' Pontiac Fireo. I have been dreaming of getting this Fireo for the longest time. <img src="" alt="" /> It is a black Fireo and has a little work that I will be doing to her. <img src="" alt="" /> She's going to be one sweet car when I get done. I figured it would be more worth my while to just return the Aclaim and get my Fireo. Thank you all for you advice, I would have loved to fix up my little Aclaim, but it's not something that would be rewarding for my time and effort. Thank you all, have a great one! <img src="" alt="" />
  9. Thank you so much...I will use you informatoin to work on it a little more...Thank You!! <img src="" alt="" />
  10. My friend 88blue90black posted it on the reatta section...both him and I are working on this car...but thanks! Hope you have a wonderful day!! and I hope I can get me baby going again...Thanks for the advice so far...I will make sure to keep you all posted on it's condition...
  11. That's what I was afraid of...I haven't had to work on that part of the engine before. I might just get a shop do it for me. I would like to get it going for my sister. Thanks.
  12. I have this 93 or 92 plymouth aclaim. I got it from a friend of the family. It's a great every day car. Only one problem with it, it overheats. The car runs well, spark plugs, spark wires, and theromstat was all recently replaced. There was warm air blowing in from the heating vents, but after we replaced the thermostat, it blew cold air. I have some ideas what it could be, but I would like some help narrowing it down. Any advice would be greatly apperchated, thanks.
  13. my baby, a 90 Rivera, me and my friends think that might have jumped the timing. We're not sure if this could be the problem or it could be something else. Also, does anyone else have any suggestions of what else to check? The car wants to start, there is good fuel pressure, good flow rate, changed the fuel filter and the fuel pump, and the spark plugs are fairly new. It acts like not all the cylinders are firing and just back fires out the intake. Thank you for your help, maybe together we can get this car back on the road. I would like to fix her instead of getting rid of her, I went to Philly, PA to get her two years ago.