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  1. Look for R V Anderson. He will know.
  2. Someone made that to display the tools at shows, that came with their car when new. They appear to be for a late 1930's Ford, about 1937..
  3. I have a nice switch with keys for your F-1 pickup. I sent you a message.
  4. Do not list the casting numbers. They are identified by the number stamped into the cover, like the first one you asked about, 2103-B. List some more numbers of the others.
  5. Do you have any with lower numbers stamped into the covers? My 1939 Delco catalog has numbers from 1100-S to 2103-B.
  6. Forging #1262 should be for a Fordson tractor up to 1928.
  7. "Google" heatervalves.net Joe has new valves and may rebuild yours.
  8. Howard, My steel 10-24 threaded rivets shown in the photo have a head .420 across, with a 10-24 stem that is .380 long. I think that they are truss heads.
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