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  1. Andy, they are similar but mine have way more bolts
  2. I just got time to check and one of them is missing the brake drum. Sorry, I did not look very good at first. They have been in the attic for a while now.
  3. I think that these came off a car with rear wheel brakes only. Only has a drum on 2 of them.
  4. I have a set of wheels and tires that came off of a 1928 Studebaker. Wheels are in decent shape and the tires are older but like new. $1000.00 + shipping Contact Seaton Howell swhowell@bellsouth.net or 919-222-2277
  5. 1927 Studebaker Factory Service manual set I have a complete set of Studebaker service manuals in a factory wall mount case. There are nine books in the set. Books are not perfect but are in good condition for there age. Also included are the 1929 updates with the letter from the factory to the service manager dated 1929. $750.00 or best offer. Contact Seaton Howell 919-222-2277 or email swhowell@bellsouth.net
  6. Looking for the front valance under radiator that the crank handle goes thru.
  7. HELP I need to find a front splash shield that goes under radiator for a 1924 Studebaker EL Special 6. Body shop has lost mine. Please any condition considered. Thanks Seaton
  8. HELP!! I need to find a front splash shield that goes under radiator for a 1924 Studebaker EL Special 6. Body shop has lost mine. Will take any condition and may consider something close. Thanks Seaton
  9. Help. Finally getting my 24 Stude back together and need an end cap {brush holder} for my Remy Generator. I had bought a Wagner thinking it would work but is way different. Maybe some other makes and models will fit this. My car is a 1924 EL Special Six. Does anyone cast these new?? Originals are pot metal. Thanks for any help.
  10. I am looking for the pot metal end for a 1924 Studebaker delco generator. They may have used this on other years and models Thanks
  11. HELP!! working on my special six and need some misc. parts for the rear brakes. Has anyone got a car that they are parting out???? Thanks Seaton 919-222-2277
  12. I needed one several years ago and found a guy that was casting them and was selling for about $40. I dojnt have his name but I think he was in ohio Good luck, Seaton
  13. Hello, I have a 1924 special six and had the same question. I visited the museum archives in South Bend to find out. According to what I was told, my car was available in a blue and a burgundy. My car was black. They further explained that they would start the year with so much of each color and when that ran out the would use what they could get. I have an original Studebaker parts manual that covers from 1922-1925 and in it I found a notation that Studebakers were available in most any custom color. I do know from research that metallics did not come out until about 1927. To me that kind of leaves option to color up to you.