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  1. they dont come on during the "show", sometimes i dont even get the whole show. i guess i'll start with one thing at a time like you said. at least now i have somewhere to start. thanks alot for all the replies. more replies are always welcome also, thanks again
  2. HI, i have an 89 reatta. the headlight, wiper and shifter lights have not worked since i got it but tonight when i got in it and shut the door they came on for about 1 second and then nothing. can anyone give me a hint at what to check. could it be a loose connection? or a bad ground. i also heard these are 110 a.c.! is there juice going to them all the time or just if the switch is on
  3. thanks for all the info, i'll try that free one you posted first, again thanks everyone
  4. Hi, anyone bought one of the reatta service manual CD's on ebay, if so, are they as good as a normal manual?
  5. thanks for all the suggestions, i figured it out. sorta. i pumped the parking brake and released it a few times and the light went off and no more message. must have been stuck a little bit. thanks again. now i gotta figure out the next problem, all the back lights on the switches and shifter dont work. looks like alot of info on here about that. thanks again
  6. HI, just bought an 89 reatta, pretty good shape with an extra touch screen for 300 bucks. just needs some TLC. One thing wrong is as soon as i put it into gear it says that the parking brake is on but its not. any suggestions?
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