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  1. Looking for a rear view mirror for my 1961 Dodge Lancer. Ed
  2. Looking for a wheel cover for my 94 grand marquis. Ed
  3. On some other Dodge forums, people suggested using a ZDDP additive to the engine oil. Is this a good idea? Ed
  4. I undrerstand the Walmart Everstart MAXX, Group 24, 700 cca, battery is great. Anyone have one of these? Ed
  5. What's a good, strong, reliable battery for my 1961 Lancer. I live in Hamden, Conn. Ed
  6. Hi, Keiser31, Definitely will buy one or more. My tire guy asked me if I could get pics of the inside of the rims. He doesn't like the looks of the rims he has now off my car. Is that OK with you? Here's my email address and my telephone at 203-248-9861. Ed Parauka
  7. Hmm. never thought about different bolt patterns. So, Keiser31, can you wait till I check on this? Car is in muffler shop right now. Give me a couple of days. Deal sounds good to me. Ed
  8. Great . I Need one as a spare for my 1961 LANCER. How much do you want for it? Ed
  9. Anyone have an 13" rim from an early 60s valiant. dart, or lancer? Thanks, Ed
  10. On m,y 61 Lancer, can I use a 700-13 tire, tho the specs call for 650-13 size? Ed
  11. I have a 1961 Dodge Lancer with the 225 slant engine. What engine oil shouldd I use? Car has 130,000 miles. Ed
  12. Looking for a 41 Chevy driver's side sun visor, door darm rest, and wiper knobd. Any decent condition. E
  13. Yes, there is a local Chevy dealership here. But do you think they would go that far back in time to service a car? Anyhow, it's worth a try. Ed
  14. Anyone know where I can find a vintage car mechanic in the New Haven, Ct. area My 41 Chevy needs clutch work.
  15. Thanks for that info. Don't know if it's a rebuilt, but it seems to run nice. I just bought the car, and the owner doesn,t know either. So far, I've just run it at idle, and up and down a driveway. It shows 30 lbs. pressure. But I'm not sure if the gauge is working properly Ed.