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  1. Anyone out there have a template for the diamond design on the glove box doors or specifications/dimensions and colors. Mine have disappeared over the time. This is about the last thing to do for a 7 year restoration project.
  2. I need a source for the upper door weatherstripping for a 1936 chrysler c-10 airflow imperial 8. This is the last thing to complete a restoration.
  3. where can i find Glove box bumpers? also have a question on fender skirts: the outside edge appeared to have some kind of gasket/rubber material rivetted to the edge for additional anti rattle or weatherstripping needs. Where can i get some of that? an i user Coker or one of those other vintage tire companies' wide whitewall radials with the rims on this car or do i need to stick with the bias type? i thought i read something about the radial's bead does not fit properly on the old rims?
  4. I need horn hole covers for my 36 C-10 are the C-17's the same as the C-10? and would you check to see if they are in good shape on this parts car?
  5. When i contacted my source i apparently misunderstood him and instead of covers from a C-9 they are from a C-8 Airstream are they the same as the C-10 covers? If that fails then i need 2 for a C-10 thanks, scully
  6. thanks for the message i will get them right away. Another step to completion.
  7. Are the horn covers for a C-9 the same for a C-10?