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  1. 1964 Buick Riviera (2nd owner)NOT LISTED ON EBAY -110,000 miles Runs very strong, Points conversion, new plugs & wires, radiator re-corded, new heater hoses, -AC; Power windows; Original AM radio -American Racing Torque Thrust II, rear 255,60R15's front 245,60R15's. Original tires included -Body is in excellent shape, very very very little rust. Car is located in SLC, UT If your interest please call 801-455-7661 (Robert) or email me @ Enjoy the pictures
  2. Yes the car is located in SLC. 13,500o.b.o willing to discuss
  3. I'm posting this message for serious buyers only. Listed below are details about my 64 Rivi that I have only owned for a year. I truely hate to sell it but I'm a college student working full time and just found out that I'm going to be a dad for the second time and daycare is going to be outragious. I have choosen to place an ad here because I have never used ebay and want to avoid getting individuals who are not serious buyers. If you are interested and would like pictures sent please email me at Car was purchased in Layton, Utah from a woman in her mid to late 70's. Talking with the woman her husband bought the car in 1964 with only a few thousand miles from a gentlem who had just been activated in the armed forces. Her husband later died in 1984 and she did not know what to do with the vehicle so she bought a storage unit and placed the car there until I purchased it last year. (22years unmolested) It was repainted by her husband sometime between 64 and 84. It is the original color however matalic has been added. It is a pretty cheap paint job but from a short distance looks very good. The only rust that I have been able to find was a small patch behind the left rear tire, however it is just bubbling and has not rusted through, other than that the car is in excellent shape. Straight as an arrow and no body damage. -Engine: 425ci/465 with 111,000 undocumented original miles. No major leaks -New heater hoses---Radiator was recently re-cord---New battery---Points conversion---New plugs and wires---Rebuilt Carb when pulled from storage---Transmission shifts GREAT with no leaks---Brakes are in great shape -Interior: Is in great shape, there are no tears or rips in any of the seats. Carpet could be replaced however is not that bad. -Options: Power windows, Original AM radio, AC(Compressor works but there is a wiring issue, also may have a vaccum line off because air does not blow through vents, recently charged with R-12) -Shoes: Currently has American Racing Torque Thrust II 255/60 15s on rear and 245/60 15s on front, I also have the original rims and tires, however hubcaps are not the correct one(Buick Tri-shild instead of -R-, however very good looking) I could go on and on, so please if you are interest please contact me via email Thanks for your interest Robert
  4. I'm possibly thinking about changing my 64 grill over to the 65 with the clean grill and go with the clamshells. Has anybody done this before and how difficult of a project would I be getting myself into. I have always like the 65 look, but as most of you know they are hard to find in good condition, that and when I found my 64 I couldn't pass on it because it was so clean. Any input would be much appreciated. Rob
  5. I recently put a new exhaust on my 64 and I went with 2 magnaflow mufflers. It has that muscle car purr to it, yet its not to loud and overbearing. The setup is pretty much the same as it was with the original single muffler. Now the pipe still comes over the rear axle, but instead of turning in to meet the single muffler, it is ran straight back to the rear of the vehicle and the new mufflers sit right behind the rear bumper (fits perfect).
  6. Thanks for that info, I myself was pretty sure they were not the correct ones, but wanted some input from other rivi nuts. I have since gone to a customer american racing rim, and don't plan on using the original rim again.
  7. Has anybody seen this style of hubcaps on a 1st generation Riviera? These are the ones that came on my 64 Riviera when i bought it. I have never seen this style before on a Riviera and was just wondering if anybody else has seen these before
  8. Here is a picture of my 64 which I bought last summer. This car sat is storage for over 22 years. All I have done is some minor preventative maintenance and rims and tires and new exhaust, other than that, this is how I found it. Hope you enjoy, I know I sure do.............Robert
  9. Are you still looking for a 64? How much are you willing to pay?? I have one, and I might be selling it. I just found out that I'm going to have another child and may need to part with my Rivi. I just bought it last year and it is in GREAT condition. Let me know if your still looking.
  10. Has anybody ever bought anything from "The Buick Store." I'm looking for some front-end parts for my 64' and want to know if they are a creditable company? Also, how do you post pictures in the text box?? Thanks
  11. Whats going on everybody, I'm a very proud owner of a 64'Riv that I just recently bought last summer. After years of looking for a 65' I stumbled up a this beautiful 64 that an elderly woman had been storing since her husband died in 1984. I couldn't turne down the opportunity to buy it. With some minor work this 64' should hopefully be perfect.