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  1. I believe the Fiat was located in row RBW (Red Field). The actual space it occupied was somewhere between number 3 and 12 or so. Hope this helps.
  2. Photo appears to have been taken along the east front of the U.S. Capitol. Not sure yet about the event or folks.
  3. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History has a Balzer (most likely this one) in its collections. It is on display in the museum's America on the Move exhibit. You can find an interesting write up on the vehicle and its history if you do a search for Smithsonian Balzer.
  4. What a great photo. I don't believe the fender is bent. The fender framework retains its proper shape and it is the patent leather covering that has given out and hangs down. The dash appears to be leather as well. I don't think this was a "Kodak Moment". Whoever took the photo went to some effort. I say this because it appears that the camera which was used captured the image on a glass plate negative. Those tripod mounted cameras were a bit more involved than aim and shoot. If you look at the edges of the print you can see slight crazing and even some loss of the image. These are pr
  5. Hello, I've got a 1917 touring in running shape that might be of interest. Car came from Virginia and I'm in Maryland. Loads of parts come with it. You can email me for particulars if interested.
  6. Red Bug #4613 was deliver by Automotive Standards Inc. to its new owner on 22 December 1927. It's pure speculation as to exactly how many vehicles were assembled each year. However, as these two are only 366 vehicles apart, your's may very well be a 1927 model as well.
  7. I redid the wood in a 1923 roadster using a kit. Very few pieces of the new wood fit. Each T body seemed to be unique dimension wise, despite an overall appearance of being identical. It comes down to the kit being a good starting point. The best approach is to use the original wood (where you can) as a pattern (you know it fit) and either glue on or cut away wood from the pieces in the kit until it matches. I found no other way to do it. Eventually it turned out quite nicely, but it was a long and unpleasant process. Don't want to discourage you, but that was my experience. Another th
  8. Thanks. The shuttle is a good idea--as long as it operates when the show is winding down. The shuttle at Hershey worked fine in the morning, but it seemed to disappear in the afternoon when everyone was trying to get back to the trailer parking area.
  9. Let me see if I have this correct. If I unload my motorcycle at the show field, I then drive my car and trailer six miles to the trailer parking area. I then get to walk the six miles back to the show field and my bike. Is this the plan? A number of bike exhibitors will face this scenario. Perhaps you might consider this at your next planning meeting. Thanks
  10. I believe Dick's question referred to the location of motorcycle trailer parking in particular. I have a similar concern. Will it be possible to park trailers for 1928 and newer motorcycles next to the show field? Thanks
  11. Restorer, you are certainly right when you suggest that a vehicle can win a First and have incorrect plating. Within perhaps the last five years two motorcycles from the teens have won their First and Senior Awards and gone on to receive National Awards and both have chrome brightwork. I understand very well how the AACA judging system works, but it still seems odd that plating can matter in one situation and not another....
  12. A good place to begin your visit is right in the heart of Washington, DC. The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History exhibit "America on the Move" presents a good cross section of the vehicle collection. You can reach the museum by public transportation from any point in the city. Bonne chance!
  13. Not sure about brake or break, but it is Smithsonian Institution. Oooops
  14. Thanks! We will join your daily sessions--long distance!
  15. Does anyone know the condition of the field for antique car trailer parking (intersection of Rt 39 & Canal Road)?
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