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  1. which paint do you mean ? signs on cars , shop windows , bus benches ?? just wondering what to look at thanks
  2. I was at an auto show once in Brazil and there was a guy going around the show screen printing on all the tires "Goodyear" , not sure if they were the main sponsoar or not but it did get the Goodyear name in all the photos !
  3. What is the paint to use on the raised letters on tires , something that will flex and hold up in the weather, would like to buy it in quarts if possible thanks for you ideas
  4. Thanks for the pictures , was there a mounting bracket on yours ? I tried FH6-PL on the Fram website and it came back "Not Found" I have found more info about this filter in the last few hours from you than in the last few years ! Beaulieu
  5. Thanks..... Does the top look like all the other Fram canister filters ? These were supposed to be full flow not by pass filters or at least thats how this car has it set up. What year book are you looking at ? And can you take a picture of that page ? Thanks again beaulieu
  6. Hi I am looking for info on what type of car a Fram FH6-PL was one, probably 1950s-60s I googled it but only found info on FH6-PL Mil for a generator, Can anyone help? Thanks Beaulieu
  7. Bump . still looking and I have my tetanus shots up to date thanks Beaulieu
  8. Hi... I have a small non running sports car in Orlando that I need to get to Los Angeles area (or Phoenix or Vegas if thats where you are going) just thought I would throw it out there.... PM me if you happen to be headed West thanks Beaulieu
  9. WOW thats neat that you too would find each other here..... Beaulieu
  10. thanks, but I hope I can find an original one and keep the flathead V8 or put a flathead V8 back in it thanks,and still looking Beaulieu
  11. Hi.... I am looking for a couple little Fiats to fix up either the 2 cyl. aircooled 500 , or its bigger brother 4 cyl 600 any model , the regular 2 door sedans , the vans / wagons or the ones weith the roof cut off like a golf cart If you have one , know where one is hiding , or one for parts please let me know , I need running Fiat 500 - 600 motors , And of course anything ABARTH which made performance and racing parts for these little Fiats, please PM me if you can help thanks Beaulieu
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: superods</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hey beaulieu.... It is called common courtesy. Ever hear of it ? </div></div> SORRY I am confused what did I do wrong? Beaulieu
  13. Hi I need the gas lines for a 4 carb 140hp corvair any help appreciated thanks Beaulieu
  14. Hi I am looking for a little Fiat 500 or 600 the 2 door sedan, the Van or the one with the roof cut off like a golf cart , If you know of one please send me a PM thanks for your help Beaulieu
  15. Hi... I am looking for a Messerschmitt 3 wheeler project or an older restoration , not running OK would also consider a 4 wheel Messerschmitt 500 please PM me if you know of anything Thanks for your help
  16. Hi..... I would like to get a 32 Ford coupe , either a 3 window or a 5 window, an older restoration would be nice , not running OK. I can do all the machanical work myself to get it back on the road , or a project car I just sold my 50s car so I have money to spend Thanks for your help, Beaulieu Please send me a PM , you can do that by Clicking on Beaulieu on the top left and then clicking "send a PM"
  17. Hi we are looking for a 16 foot enclosed box trailer , Southern California is best , but also anywhere California, Arizona or Nevada $1500-$3000 price range thanks for your help
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