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  1. which paint do you mean ? signs on cars , shop windows , bus benches ?? just wondering what to look at thanks
  2. I was at an auto show once in Brazil and there was a guy going around the show screen printing on all the tires "Goodyear" , not sure if they were the main sponsoar or not but it did get the Goodyear name in all the photos !
  3. What is the paint to use on the raised letters on tires , something that will flex and hold up in the weather, would like to buy it in quarts if possible thanks for you ideas
  4. Thanks for the pictures , was there a mounting bracket on yours ? I tried FH6-PL on the Fram website and it came back "Not Found" I have found more info about this filter in the last few hours from you than in the last few years ! Beaulieu
  5. Thanks..... Does the top look like all the other Fram canister filters ? These were supposed to be full flow not by pass filters or at least thats how this car has it set up. What year book are you looking at ? And can you take a picture of that page ? Thanks again beaulieu
  6. Hi I am looking for info on what type of car a Fram FH6-PL was one, probably 1950s-60s I googled it but only found info on FH6-PL Mil for a generator, Can anyone help? Thanks Beaulieu
  7. Bump . still looking and I have my tetanus shots up to date thanks Beaulieu
  8. Hi... I have a small non running sports car in Orlando that I need to get to Los Angeles area (or Phoenix or Vegas if thats where you are going) just thought I would throw it out there.... PM me if you happen to be headed West thanks Beaulieu
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