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  1. #1 is a center cap used on 15" wheels of full size Ford cars and pickups from 1965 thru the '70's. #2 is for a '65, six-cylinder Mustang with 13" wheels. #4 appears to be for an early '60's Galaxie with 14" wheels. Jim
  2. I advise you to park your car on the field first. We take two cars and I judge. You will be in the dark but there are plenty of Hershey Region people to help you park. The judges breakfast is just a short walk across the Giant Center parking lot. Jim
  3. I'd say since we already registered our two Mustangs and I sent in my judging confirmation, we're going to Hershey. Jim Aberts 1970 BOSS 302 - Grand National Senior Preservation 1978 Mustang II - DPC
  4. Tony, Contact Fred Glazier at Glazier's Mustang Barn in Souderton, PA He is the orginal owner of a '64 1/2 and I'm sure that he'll be glad to help you. 215-723-9674 Jim
  5. Great story Marty. I spent most of my four years in the U.S. Air Force overseas and was always proud to serve my country. As a gallery guide in the AACA museum, I meet a lot of veterans and we always chat about our experiences. I have now pinned my Air Force stripes pin onto my museum vest so they can spot me and know that we share a common bond of proud veterans. Jim Aberts
  6. Really neat! No rain or mud. I was stationed overseas then. It would be 12 more years before I attended my first Hershey. Thanks
  7. Call Green Sales Company in Cincinnati at 1-800-543-4959. They only sell Ford parts and have a huge inventory. Nice people to deal with and they will look up the part number when requested. www.greensales.com Jim
  8. It was 65-degrees here on Tuesday, so I got both of the ponies out, fed them at the local Sunoco and then let them kick-up their heels. Way too much fun! Jim 1970 Mustang BOSS 302 1978 Mustang II
  9. Your car will do very well at an AACA meet. I have never seen a K Code covertible and look forward to seeing it at an AACA national meet. Hope you bring it to Gettysburg or Hershey. I have several friends with K Code coupes and fastbacks and that makes it special to me. Jim AACA Mustang Judge 1970 BOSS 302 1978 Mustang II
  10. Last summer, a friend of mine who has a lawn mowing service, was talking about how he thought the ethynol fuel was ruining his equipment. He tried several things and had the most success with adding StaBil to the mixture. It seems it stopped the corrosive action of the fuel. We have a '70 BOSS 302 and a '78 Mustang II that I always added StaBil to anyway, so I'm glad that it helps. I put 93 octane Sunoco and 104 octane booster in the BOSS with 10.5 compression and 89 in the V8 Mustang II. I also pushed back the timing on the BOSS. Hope this helps. Jim
  11. Dave is right. Of course I meant horizontally and not vertically. Been out of school too long. Jim
  12. I think I can help you. C3OB-16188-B is indeed a Ford part but it is just an ID number off the part and not the part number. I believe the part number is C3OZ-16098-A or B, which would make it a fender ornament from a '63 Fairlane. I believe the '63 Fairlane Sport Coupe had three of these vertical ornaments on each fender. Jim Retired Ford parts manager
  13. Curtis, Call Erich at Christiana Restoration. The shop is near Wilmington, Delaware. 800-248-9522 Jim
  14. Check out the 75th anniversary website. Some great information on the early founders and events as the club grew and it's fun to read. Fun info - annual dues in 1935 were fifty-cents. A year later dues doubled to a dollar. Sign of the times I guess. Jim Aberts
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