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  1. I am interested in the fan, the arm that supports it, and it's mounting hardware. Could you email me diameter of fan blade ring, and your tele number or email address. Regards; Jerry Janson cell; 201-259-3308 email; cement14@msn.com
  2. So; when you say you like using evaporust as a coolant to really get things clean, do you mean straight "evaporust" into the cooling system ? Regards; Jerry Janson
  3. Philipj; there is a very nice '36 Century coupe listed in Hemmings. It is dual side mounted, and with a rumble seat. I had the pleasure of riding in it this past summer. It runs very well. An older restoration that has been well kept and loved. Take a look , like the man says 'what have you got to lose.'. good luck with your search. regards; Jerry Janson
  4. Bob, my book covers up only to frame #760. You need frame #922 as you indicated. I would try the AACA library or the RR owners club. Also, before removing your generator, try removing the black band cover on the right side. It should give you access to the brushes, and the commutator. At this point you should be able to lift the brushes and clean the commutator with a fine sand paper. I just did this to a delco starter generator on an early Cadillac. It had not been charging so I cleaned the commutator and it is again charging properly. Good luck and regards; Jerry Janson
  5. Bob; I have a Wells Auto Electrician's handbook with many different electrical schematics of Westinghouse generators and voltage regulators for cars up to 1922. There are no 'exploded' view though. So if this could help, let me know the year and model you are looking for. Regards; Jerry Janson
  6. Chris; a very interesting body, and dash/cowl. Do I detect a cast aluminum body perhaps ? Could this be a late 'Royal Tourist'or Croxton Keeton with whom they merged ? Let's also add Knox to this short list, (look at the radiator. And by the way, I believe Knox was also cast aluminum body as was the Royal Tourist.); regards; Jerry Janson
  7. Hello Chris; I just cant resist asking you this; Do you know how to get this car moving? you whipit.... LOL. Anyway, It looks like a great car, you'll have a lot of fun with it; Good luck; OLDIRON
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