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  1. I have owned my 69 Cutlass Supreme 2dr Holiday Coupe since 1986 (I was 15).  I had the car repainted at the time, but not totally sure if I had it painted the correct shade of gold or not.  I believe it to be Topaz Gold Metallic, code 65 on the tag.  also, I'm needing help with the correct interior color.  I haven't been able to find any info anywhere yet that would give me the correct color.  Anyway, any help with the TAG numbers below would be greatly appreciated.  I know that the old girl was assembled during the 5th week of April in 69 at the Freemont Assembly plant.  That's about as far as I have been able to get so far.


    ST  69-34287  BF 06478   BDY

    TR  974   B80         65  65    PNT

           04E     235681   820009

  2. I wanted to get the word out that on November 17 in Holden, MO (just outside of KC, MO) a 1983 Riviera Convertible & a 1985 Riviera Convertible will be offered at public auction. Both cars are low mile originals and highly optioned cars. They are both white in color. These Riviera's are in very nice condition and would be a good addition to your collection. A full listing of details will be posted on in the next few days with photos. If you have questions, please contact Brent @ (816) 456-8481 or Dennis @ (816) 419-3467.