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  1. I spoke with Wayne yesterday and he is going to make me the boards and the strips. Very knowledgeable and I could spend days on the phone or in person one day. Dan: he asked me to have you call him. He wanted to talk to you again. He lost your number. Thank you all for your help. I just get to wait for them to show up one day.
  2. Well, I have exhausted my sources locally for interior parts...nobody wants to even try to tackle making me a new headliner for the '57 Buick Estate Wagon (Special) So, I am looking to the Buick community for help. I know where to get the 'chrome' strips for the roof...it is the panels that I need. My interior guy threw out the originals (lived and learned from that mistake!) and the ones he made are ill fitting at best. So, help me make my Buick Estate wagon beautiful again.
  3. if it is under the casting, at the bottom of the bracket, it is for the trip reset. Speed minder knob goes under ACCESSORY, then there is the vent and Brake light. - LEFT SIDE Right side: Vent, key and lighter...under the lighter will be the trip odometer reset.
  4. This is not a b.s. sob story; A buddy of is down on his luck and a car guy. He was building a '67 Coronet 500 h/t and had just finished the body when it was broadsided and pretty much totalled. He beat it out as best he could, but finances have prevented him from restoring the car and it has sat for two years now. Fast forward and he marries a woman with 5 kids and he has had no $$ to get his car back on the road. The other day, I found him a 67 Coronet WAGON body that will be perfect to use as a basis for a family cruiser using the 500 H/T for the parts that are needed. It is missing the front clip, but it is otherwise complete. Now I need to get it here(Cedar Rapids, IA) from Prescott AZ. Need a quote or a good soul that may be heading North towards IA. Obviously NOT looking for free...but will take it if if comes . Willing to meet you south or west of Iowa if needed. I have a trailer but no time... Please help me help a car guy if you can...car can be picked up at any time after Wednesday March 3, 2010. E-mail me at saf@abs1.net with any ideas.
  5. I wish I had a garage built and the money - that is my dream car. Good luck...hope it finds a good home!
  6. Can you take a shot of the headliner, the engine, and maybe give some insight as to how long she has been languishing there? What is missing (besides rear window, which was made from a rare material known as UNOBTAINIUM) I would be interested in it if I have more to go on.
  7. Did you guys ever locate a suitable 59 or 60 wagon?
  8. I would say it is a 1928-29 Cadillac model 30 convertible Coupe...but that is just a guess. http://www.classiccars.ws/projects/1928convertcoupe/index.html The Lasalle's did not have the tool boxes above the running boards like the Cadillac did. At least I think those are tool boxes or storage above the running board!!
  9. I have to say, that was one UGLY Duesenberg! The doors and body just look so heavy compared to the ones that survive today. Still, this is a sad fate for such a wonderfully engineered car. Looked to be in fine shape when it met the end!
  10. I found this photo of a scrap drive during WWII that shows an elephant and a clown dragging a nice old car to it's death. Can anyone identify the victim as well as the others in the photo? Photo was dated October of 1942. It can be found on the Norfork, VA public Library website. It is truly sad to think of all of the fine cars that died untimely deaths in the name of war, but they served a greater purpose in beating tyranny and righting the wrongs in the world. Just like the generation that fought for us all.
  11. I missed the beginning but caught the part on the new Camaro. I have been in the heritage collection. Wonderful. I teared up. I will admit it!
  12. how about a '60 Buick Invicta HEARSE????http://cincinnati.en.craigslist.org/car/756213213.html
  13. Thanks to you all! I will pass this information on to my mechanic and se what he has to say about how much play was there. And I like the idea of using the '58 parts, but I do not want to deviate from the front end of the '57. Something about all of those forged and cast bits that just look so nice.
  14. Nope! They are found here: http://www.rowand.net/Shop/Tech/1958BuickTrimAndPaintCodes.htm What do you have??? Let's see it! By the looks of that trim list, the options that you could have on your car were amazing! WOW!!!
  15. Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, if it needs a redirect tell me! Yesterday I decided to have the car alligned, as I had not done it since I installed the power steering system and related components. The dreaded call came in...needs lower ball joints, an inner tie rod and an idler arm. The tie rod and Idler are no big deal. The CHOKER are the ball joints. $400 PER SIDE on an exchange basis! OUCH! So, can anyone tell me the reason why these are so expensive (besides being a 1 year only part) and if there is someone out there rebuilding them at a cheaper price? Perhaps even a part that crosses with the '57 joints? Any help here would be much appreciated, as I really do not want to sink that kind of money into the car right now, but at the same time I want her to be safe and in control! HELP!
  16. suprise. Toyota has an arm long list of human rights issues. I like how they say: Sorry. We will try better to not kill our employees. Nice. I still want to know how Toyota is keeping the Tacoma buybacks out of the news. They are paying owners 150% of blue book value to get owners out of Tacoma trucks quietly, seems the frames are rusting in half!
  17. http://www.buicks.net/years/57/57paint.html According to this your car is Biscay blue metalic over Arctic blue and was a spring color...Arctic blue was a spring paint color only. Probably why you are not seeing it on standard color charts. Sounds like a pretty car!
  18. what color is your car now? Is the S for a special order designation? got any photos?
  19. Price was great...it should have been! What did you put in it's place? LSx motor?
  20. Do it...i did it on my '57, and it runs great! plus, the world is running out of people who know how to set the points up correctly. Going electronic eliminates that problem, gives you a hotter spark, and is less fuss and nobody looking at your engine will ever know it unless you tell them!
  21. Don't be embarassed on that one. It was a custom unit to be sure. It was more than likely on a Pontiac. Found it on a google search using "Leaping Indian Hood Ornament" as my search query. I am just glad I could help you identify a truly rare piece that would be great to own!