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  1. Hello, I am looking for a 1930 buick series 50 complete and useable/ rebuildable steering column. If someone knows one up for sale, just let me know; info@yesterdaycars.nl Regards, Elwin
  2. Hello Dep5, Thank you for the information, I appreciate this information, but I would like to try to stay with an original old gearbox in the first place. Regards, Elwin
  3. Hello, Is there somebody who can help me out with any information about a 1931 Chrysler CD 8 4 speed transmission? I do have difficulties with shifting; especially into 3th and direct gear. I took the gearbox apart and I do not see real bad or worn gears, only the 5 tooth of the inside from the sliding gear are a bit worn.Does somebody has an real good exploded view for me. I bougth the master parts book, but that does not help me out. May somebody does know what other kind of transmission can fit behind this car? I am looking for your information. Regards, Elwin Slegtenhorst
  4. Dear Anita, Is the car still for sale? If so would you send me pictures of the car? Regards, Elwin Slegtenhorst
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