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  1. Drove the 54 Special Riviera Today to Church about 10 miles from home, first time wife rode with me.She smiled at everyone who gave us the thumbs up. Car rides great,had not driven it 9 months. will continue all of May, then will drive the 1970 225 Electra Convertible the month of June.
  2. What is your process for cleaning a Dirty Engine Compartment. Never did one before. i have a 1954 Buick Special 46r. Thanks 4bigben.
  3. Jim, I would like to have the CD for 1964 and 1965. Payment Instructions Please. DEW E-mail address velt72@aol.com BCA # 42625 East Orange, N.J.
  4. Hi Bill, I have recently acquired a 1965 Electra Conv. project. I would like to chat with you about your experience with the "225'. I know little or nothing ,but i just fell in love with the automobile. My e-mail address is velt72@aol.com . Thanks DEW BCA # 42625 East Orange,N.J. 1965 Electra Conv.(project) 1954 Special 2Dr. Rivera 1940 Super 4dr. Sedan (project)
  5. Attempting to rewire my 1940 Buick Super and would like to Replace or have Repaired my Dash Gauges. As of present they are working , but deteriorated . 973 715 8948........ thanks DEW velt72@aol.com
  6. Frank. I am restoring my 1940 Buick Super Sedan and in need of the center pilar moulding for the right and left side,also if you have the stone guards for the left and right side i would like to purchase them from you.My e-mail is velt72@aol.com or telephone 973 715 8948, Thanks for a reply......Duane
  7. Hi Bill, Did you receive my reply? My e-mail velt72@aol.com duane
  8. I am in the process of restoring my Big Ben and discover that the center grill moulding was missing. I have tried numerous vendors and parts dealer to no avail,however i am willing to continue until i find one. Thanks Wilco i would appreciate any help.
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