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  1. HAHA Not quite. I am just not a coffee person. But it might be the right size for a good energy drink! If anyone happens to have a stratobench please let me know.
  2. honestly i do not have too much planned for the car.... The motor will be a 425 nailhead. Ill go the finned accessories route to dress it up though. Trans will be the matching 400 with the switch pitch. The rear end will be out of a 95/96 impala/caprice police interceptor. This keeps my same bolt pattern and gives me disc brakes and the width is only 1" wider than stock. I will do a clip up front somehow but not sure what as of yet. As for interiir its pretty much going to stay stock with the exception of the dash and styling changea in patterns and whatnot. I do want to get a stratobench for it so i van have an armrest in the front and maybe mould in some cup holders.
  3. hmmmm not a rendering ive done.... this is the only old project i have and the first one ive ever had. Lots of people or i should say several have swapped the dash between these 2 cars and my understanding is its pretty much a djrect swap with the exception of welding. I will be goi.g with electric wipers so thay wk.t be a big deal. It will be figuring out how to route the ducting if necessary.
  4. LOL my buddies dad is helping me do the welding work. He has the rolling chassis and cab at his house which is part of why its taken 2 years to get this far. But hey it looks much better and once we can get a trunk pan in there we can pull the cab and start in on the frame and suspension work. While the car has been with him however I have had some other work done to the parts that I have. If you look back at the first couple picture you will see a nice big bondo spot that was on the hood. This was gone over. Ground out, stud nailed to help pop as much out as possible and redone. But before I had that done it got blasted and louvered. It now sits primed and ready for being roughed in one day. The rest of the removable sheet metal from the front clip was done as well. Fenders, inner fenders, core support etc... None of this by any means is perfect but at least the major stuff is straightened and sealed against rusting. Some of the minor dents can be handled when the car is put back together. Oh and I finally obtained the centerpiece of the interior for the car. 1957 Oldsmobile dash.
  5. lol so its been more than a while since I had posted any pictures and to be honest not all that much has been done to the car in the last 2 years I do have a couple of updates though.... The floors are kinda sorta in place now. Its starting to look a little more solid now. these floors were their own can of worms. They are reproductions that are readily found on ebay. But the dont fit too good and required quite a bit of modification, cutting, trimming, splicing, cursing etc... but once in it looks much much better. And when its all done and a coat of paint, undercoating etc... it will look wonderful.
  6. Jim that post if from January of this year I actually spoke to the guy today and went to see the car....Not much left of it actually and I am considering picking up the trunk pan since I am in need of one. Floors in it might be good though for the OP's needs. Rob I actually started a thread 2 years ago when I brought the car home. Maybe I will update it, though not much updating to be done. I wanted to share my experience with the floors here as the OP was thinking of going that route. Oh and the car is a special Speaking of those ebay floor pans here is the skinny... They are advertised as fitting 57 and 57 year buicks.... thats it, not special/century super/roadie just buick. I think this is where people run into the problems. The toe boards seemed to fit just fine but the rest of the pans were too wide for my special. Pieces needed to be patched in, re-bent, trimmed, cut, etc.... Here are some pics. I apologize for the shadows... The pans are just kinda in there right now. Welding isnt done and seams havent been undercoated or sealed to protect the welds from rust yet either.... Trunk as it sits now Drivers side front pan and toe board. You can see some work needed to be done to the tunnel as well. Drivers side rear board Passenger side front pan and toe board. You can also see my wonderful heater core area thats rusted through... Passenger side rear pan. And of course the heater core.... :mad: It takes some work but the floors are pretty solid now. I hope this helps the OP in making a decision. If you want also I can go back by the shop where that 57 is thats being parted out on the HAMB and get pics of the floors in there to see if you want to use them. Its a custom shop and he wants 100 for the trunk pan im debating on getting so that might give you an idea on pricing.
  7. Any updates? I too am working on a 57 Buick and my car is in similar state with the floors Mine had a heater core leak apparently. I bought the car as a project someone started and never finished... He had already cut the rusty trunk pan out and some of the floor boards. Almost 2 years later I havent done much to it. However I did order those floor pans online though from classicparts4u. And depending on who you talk to between then and classic fabrication one will say the other copied their design and vice versa... Oh well... They seem to fit ok but did need some modification. I ended up ordering drivers and passenger front/rear/toe boards to do all at once even though not all "needed" replacing. Ill try an get some pictures of how they turned / are turning out... so you can determine if you want to go that route if you cant find a solid floor. Also I saw that ad on the HAMB for the 57 being parted and will give the guy a call tomorrow... maybe he still has it... and he lives near me apparently. Who woulda figured. In the mean time here is what im working with... How it was advertised: How I brought it home: Floors: Previous Owners patch job on the floors:
  8. shoot me some pics ggg. the car is not a driver yet anyways I just want some that are not cracked or dented etc.. something that would be a good core for plating.
  9. I wanted to bump this up again. Its been a while but I am still looking
  10. This came out of my 57 special 2dr ht. $350 obo for everything May also consider trades. Let me know what you have. Things I may be interested in. 425 Nailhead items Stratobench seat 57 buick taillights etc.... I am located in Victorville California.
  11. I am looking for a decent set of taillights for my 57 buick special 2dr ht. Let me know if you have some.
  12. HAHAHA no more like a mild custom/traditional street rod. I believe in shiny paint jobs and safety. But I do respect what the rat rodders can do.
  13. lol cough cough... ermmm 57 olds... cough gag
  14. I have removed and will be selling my 1957 Special Dash. The dash is complete with gauges, speedometer, radio etc... $400 OBO I may consider parting it out if there is enough interest in individual components. Dont ask why it was removed and will be replaced if you're a purist JK
  15. WOW thanks for making me feel like an idiot.... This is my first time working on an old card and each part is a learning experience. Speaking through words on a forum is hard to imagine what exactly is being described which is why I ask a million questions. Obviously i realize I do not want a textured piece of leather that can dip into the valley and remove paint at the same time. But shoes these days are not made from very thick firm leather, belts have a smooth side and a hairy rough side etc... Just trying to get clarification from friendly and helpful people who share a common interest with me.