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  1. I am doing a mod 364 for my 59. First thing depends on your year. 59 and 60 364s had the highest advertised compression ratio at 10.5/1. second you can run a 401 crank but you need to bore your engine .060 like I did mine then you can run stock 401 pistons or 364 pistons like I did to keep my factory compression ratio. another thing is stock valve springs are only good for 4800 rpm. Get a set of high compression springs just for 1 side (inner or outer) and that will raise there rpm range to 5200 rpm. then you got carburetion. If you are going to race at the track or hard core on the street dua
  2. I live in Nebraska the state with a ethanol plant in every other town. Almost every gas station here has a e10 and once in a while e85 blend. Aside from all the risks of ethanol you know that the refineries stink bad. but on a good note alot of news has brewed about the raise in corn prices due to corn being used for ethanol. meat companies and ranches complain about the raise in corn prices. corn is everywhere and I drive classic cars daily and my experience with the nasty stuff raises some more concerns. It gets cold here in winter (sometimes 40 below zero in winter). Once I put some E85 in
  3. something to understand is that the dynaflow like the nailhead improved over time. Dynaflows from 49 are alot 'slushier' then the dynaflows from 59. Improvements were made. that is probaby just a change they made. If you want factory style i would get a nos or one from a BUICK restoration company. If you want it to have more 'umph' then use the new one ya got.
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