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  1. AZVET Thanks for your reply. Semper Fi
  2. Looking for How To steps to remove/install Cam Sensor in 1990 Riviera. Been told there is a video on the Reatta site.
  3. WTB '65 Riviera "Bedford Ribbed" Headliner. Original, color "Saddle Interior". Need Headliner, material for Sail Panels & Visors. Found two sources but they are "White or Light Tan". Anyone had a headliner dyed?
  4. WTB a '65 Riviera Headlight Armature.
  5. Thanks for your reply. When Spring arrives I'll drive to local shop to see what they can offer! Tim
  6. Can loose stitching be repaired on the Headliner are must the entire Headliner be replaced. Overall in good shape & would like to keep original. I've shopped around & have found many sources for complete replacement.:confused: Tim
  7. Brake line rusted out on left rear wheel. Appears line runs from Master Cyc to rear wheel. Is there a replacement part are do I have to replace using coiled tubing & flaring? Also interested in a schematic of brake system.
  8. Thanks Dave for your input. I'll try the website you mentioned. Tim
  9. Dave, sorry for slow reply. My door panel arm rest has been pretty damage by previous owner. Overall not to bad. Would it be possible to get a photo next time you might be at the junk yard? I hate buying something that would be no better than what I have. Car belongs to wife and we are thinking seriously to restore as it will be a collector come 2015. Currently owen a '65 GS Riv, resent frame on restoration, '66 Riv, '90 Riv, & most resent purchase '10 Lacrosse. If a photo from me would be helpful let me know. As you can see we are Buick nuts. Thanks, Tim
  10. WTB '90 Drivers Side Door Panel, Sapphire Blue, or if original can be repaired. Service Parts Identification (201). ROA #3830.
  11. WTB. While removing Heater Core for repair/replacement had the misfortune of destroying subject item as it was very brittle. A 48 year part stood its time. Found several sources for OEM Heater Cores, but nothing for item needed. Ref. 1965 Service Manual, Heater System (11-28), Fig 11-35 (49000) series. Restoration has come to a stop! 1963-65 part will work. Tim ROA 3830
  12. Apologies to Daves89, RivNut, & Rivieraman who took the time to send replies sometime ago. I totally forgot about this post! Been busy trying to finish up my '65 Riviera GS to take to the ROA Meet 2013 in Lex, KY. Still would like to find a replacement door panel in the future. Thanks to all for their input.
  13. I ask this question several years ago. Looking for a replacement or a repair facility who can fix the door panel. Color is Saphire Blue. Very nice car, but would really like to fix as this really takes away from the beauty of this Riviera.
  14. Can you provide color & width size? I found several Flexform carpets on the web but not certain what color yours is? KYTim ROA 3830
  15. Molded door panel shot. Sapphire Blue. Looking for replacement or source to repair. Also light gray, light brown, beige would work as these could be dyed. Nice car but interior needs help!