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  1. I need 1929 model 27 fronts. You have those?
  2. Going to Hershey and hoping to find some fenders! Need two for front of 1929 Model 27 116 Buick. Currently have side mount tire fenders for a 1930 that I will sell or trade. Let me know if anyone has some 1929's. Thanks! Brian
  3. Ok, thx! No holes, brackets on the inside only.
  4. Hello. These came with my 1929 Buick Model 27 116 standard car, but they don't seem to fit. Anyone have any idea what they do go to? Bolt holes do match and no holes for the light bar in the fenders....once identified will be selling or trading and looking for standard fenders that do fit. Thanks! Brian
  5. Pete, yes, I still need one. My email or 812-249-6376. Thx, Brian
  6. Thanks! I did reach out to Tony. He’s looking for parts for me. Fingers crossed. Thx, Brian
  7. Do you have one for a 1929 Buick? Thx!
  8. Can anyone help guide me to find a carb and fuel pump for a 1929 116? Thanks!
  9. Yes, looking for a standard 6 carb. Fuel pump as well. So far, one lead, hoping to get pics of what's on my car now. A friend is working on it. It's a Buick 116. Hopefully something will turn up for me, as I really need them.
  10. Hello. In search of a fuel pump and carb...can anyone help or guide me in the right direction? Thanks! Brian
  11. Looking to buy a six drip oiler for an early model A. Could also use other parts such as muffler and water tank if anyone can help?? Thanks!