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  1. Wiper don't work yet in my old Buick. But I've just gotten an old Ford back on the road; driving uphill in the rain, I love how you gotta let up on the gas and let the wipers swipe a couple times.
  2. I've got some good ones, and some chinese ones. If I have a boogered up nut the good wrench won't go on. Have to go get the chinese one.
  3. Now I like nipple spanner.
  4. I never heard em called tubing or tube wrench before. Google hasn't either, they refer you to flare nut wrenches.
  5. It's motorcycle crankcases in the dishwasher you gotta be careful about. Have to do it right after the wife goes to work, then let things air out. Maybe even run another load. Now she's retired and every day is Saturday at the house, had to quit doing it.
  6. I used a few pop rivets in the channel part on my 53. Had to cut down the nose of a riviter to get in there. I know these methods aren't "correct", but they don't show, work good, and the windows and wings were redone in my lifetime. Also, I figure somebody else can do it right next time.
  7. Well I guess on the assembly line they had a stapler that shot through steel.
  8. Those are staple holes, right? On my older car, 53, some of that stuff was put on with tiny countersunk head screws so that's what I did with most all of it. Little bitty screws from the special drawer at the hardware, and a littler drill. Worked better than I ever thought, and the heads disappear into the fuzzy stuff. I decided I didn't have enough time left to try the staples included with the kit. I might have used a little glue, too, but wouldn't tell anybody.
  9. All I have is a Monkey Wards beam wrench I bought 40 some years ago. I've never questioned whether it was good enough for the junk I work on.
  10. I think sometimes those for sale ads are just for the wife's benefit: "Okay, Hon, I'm TRYING to sell it! I put an ad online."
  11. I should add that you can immediately find dozens of recent previous posts on the subject to read in your spare time.
  12. I typed out a long articulate, erudite, even semi-informed reply...........then discovered I wasn't signed in good enough and it's still floating around somewhere. So do this: go to the FordBarn, there's nothing about ford flatheads those guys don't know: https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=4
  13. I only ever pull a rusty car hauler. Been working on my soon to be tow rig: 75 Lincoln Mark IV. 460 with 4 wheel disc brakes. Wonder what kind of gas mileage that's gonna be?
  14. Yeah, you don't ever want to run a drill through carpet anyway.
  15. I haven't been able to learn much about all this. But I will say this: I opened a can of Sta-Lube 3131 yesterday. Been a long time since I felt anything like that. Used it on some 50 year old motorcycle wheel bearings and they felt GOOD.