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  1. I think sometimes those for sale ads are just for the wife's benefit: "Okay, Hon, I'm TRYING to sell it! I put an ad online."
  2. I should add that you can immediately find dozens of recent previous posts on the subject to read in your spare time.
  3. I typed out a long articulate, erudite, even semi-informed reply...........then discovered I wasn't signed in good enough and it's still floating around somewhere. So do this: go to the FordBarn, there's nothing about ford flatheads those guys don't know: https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=4
  4. I only ever pull a rusty car hauler. Been working on my soon to be tow rig: 75 Lincoln Mark IV. 460 with 4 wheel disc brakes. Wonder what kind of gas mileage that's gonna be?
  5. Yeah, you don't ever want to run a drill through carpet anyway.
  6. I haven't been able to learn much about all this. But I will say this: I opened a can of Sta-Lube 3131 yesterday. Been a long time since I felt anything like that. Used it on some 50 year old motorcycle wheel bearings and they felt GOOD.
  7. Would you get the wheels, too? Just can't have too many good wheels around. And I wouldn't be deathly afraid of those tires, either.
  8. Some have mentioned it as a basis to build on, well the thing looks about DONE to me. I'm a recent convert to 50s flathead Fords. To me it looks worth the money, (it's always a gamble). What I don't know is how having the Fordamatic might affect value. And I'd try to have a serious conversation with the guy about the engine block.
  9. Hoping to hear about progress on this beauty.
  10. And looking at this old thread I see I didn't thank y'all for the info. Thanks!
  11. One thing you can do, if you haven't, is check out the Ford Barn. A lot of Ford truck knowledge there. https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=4
  12. I was a member from the late 70s till early 80s. Like many, I joined for the magazine and parts sources and here are the main things I remember: there was often criticism of members who didn't "participate". I'd think......."do you want my dues or not?" And then I remember wasted time reading the magazine; constant wrangling and arguing about things like the exactly correct tint of an engine paint. Upholstery materials, etc., Knowledge I didn't need, I'm a "practical" car guy. Then I bought a Studebaker and joined their club. Man, that mag was great: almost all technical stuff about keeping the dam thing on the road. A lot of the "whatever it takes" attitude. I never sent any more dues to the BCA.
  13. Man I do too! A 5 holer!
  14. You have to break and cut a lot of bolts, at least in my experience. So you need a good impact wrench and long handled tools. A torch to heat things up maybe, propane will do. And a 4 1/2 inch grinder with a stack of cutoff wheels. And a box of band-aids and some Valium or whiskey.
  15. If it's a car they produced in any numbers at all, that anyone's ever heard of, then you watch ebay. Everyday for years. And years. Took me 10 years to score a certain English motorcycle part, but I did. Then when you find it, you bid sky high- price is no object.