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  1. An interesting discussion, Voldad, thanks for being gracious about everything and welcome to the board.
  2. Man, this is strange. When I started reading the emails I decided that this was going to turn out to be some kind of joke thread. What was it about those messages which would tempt anybody? Maybe it's because I'm not a money motivated sort of person,just don't know. That would not have happened to me, and I'm just a hillbilly.
  3. Also, I'd think you'd need some good gloves, a box of Bandaids, and some Wild Turkey. Maybe some Valium.
  4. Wasn't it a 55 that Ab Jenkins drove for 24 hours at 120 mph?
  5. I cleaned up my act in 1978 so it's been almost 42 years since I had a drop to drink nor any illicit drug. At the time, I had nothing left from my pre-Army days. And the only things I still owned from post Army crazy days were two shotguns, two BSA motorcycles, and my 53 Buick Roadmaster pickup. Life has been good since then, leon bee ain't my real name.
  6. The seven year drug/alcohol/jail binge after Vietnam kinda slowed me down, but I've had old motorcycles and cars I thought were special since I was 12 years old.
  7. I'm so proud.........I live in one of only four states with no stay-at-home orders at all. Yesterday I went to register a car. Had my mask on, stopped about 10 feet from the counter. The woman ordered me to approach, put papers on counter and step back. Etc., etc. This all took a while, but I had my sh*t together. When finished I said, "Thanks for coming to work, Theresa". She glared at me through her mask and said, "I don't have a choice or I would NOT be here!" When I go to our one little grocery store, I say the same, "Thank you all for coming to work". Every time, they all seem to appreciate it. They got paychecks coming and their neighbors may not, I guess. John Prine passed, that ruins my week.
  8. I think maybe the war ones had a windshield that opened.
  9. Looks like it's been venting a little something, too.
  10. The hardest part is always trying to drive with your head down under the dash.
  11. Well, there is that..........
  12. I did this just today, motorcycle only four valves. I like doing it. After the valve setup is apart this doesn't take long and, as said above, gives you a good look at the condition of things. One old book I read once said you're listening to the "tone" of the lapping. It's a satisfying task.
  13. Could be. I bought some little piece from her one time, paid out the you know what. It was packaged and mailed on a major holiday and I had it in about 2 days. And it was the only one I'd seen anywhere.
  14. Thanks. I do take some care where I spend my money. Had read about an improved piece and wondered if this was it.
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