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  1. Thanks for the welcome and information. Now, does anyone have the time to explain the planetary arrangement in the differential? It almost looks vaguely like a torsion type limited slip, but I'm not sure they were working on that type of deal in the 30's. 2 speed rear end maybe for a cruising gear? Were the planetaries there for further gear reduction in the differential case? Possibly I'm just over thinking things and they are just another approach to spyder gears for diferentiation in wheel speed while cornering. Dad got the classic car bug, I ended up with the "take it apart and figure out how to make it stronger" bug. Between the two of us, we pretty much have the field covered. Helps that he had me lappin valves on a Morris 8 before I could ride a bike.
  2. This was posted on one of the 4wd forums I frequent, I'm clueless. Guesses so far are a mid 40's to early 50's dodge, but that doesn't sound right to me with the strange differential gearset and bracketry. Someone said a 30's Austin 7 used a similar gearset arangement, but the axle is 55" wide so no way it would fit under an Austin. Looks like an aluminum differential housing to me due to the coloration and lack of corrosion. The stuff that is known so far. *4.33 gears *planetary type of set up *casting #20087 with a star next to it *tapered shafts and measures about ~55 inches wide On to the pics. So, any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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