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  1. Thank you i think this answers my question, I will give it a try tomorrow.
  2. How do you remove the end cap on a armored coil on a 1941 Buick Super Tim
  3. My Ivory knobs are cracking, does anyone know of a place that reproduces these knobs. Thanks Tim
  4. I called Bobs about rebuilding the starter he's the one that told me to take it to a local shop, I went ahead and installed the push button under the dash.
  5. I had a local NAPA store rebuild my starter they said the solenoid was bad and after several week of looking for an exact replacement they put one on that they said would work my problem is that that I now do not know where to hook all the wires to make it work I have one to where the battery cable hooks to and the one that is hot to the small terminal I am not sure what to hook the third wire to I have tried hooking it to ground and to the same terminal as the other one the old solenoid had two small terminals for these wires. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. Tim
  6. I am in need of a solenoid for Delco starter 1107005
  7. The ground was connected to the engine block should I connect it to a starter bolt instead. It was the braided kind, should I change this strap to a larger cable, I have ordered 2/0 cable for the positive
  8. Thanks for the information will check these things out
  9. When driving and car is running at around 180 to 190 when I shut it off it does not like to restart it turns over very slow, after it sets for around 5 to 10 min. it will turn over fine I am looking for ideas on how to cure this. Thanks Tim
  10. Do the 1941 Buick Special and the Buick Super take the same radiator
  11. New 160 thermostat was put in, radiator seems to have good flow, I am pretty sure it is the timing it was set at about 8 btdc The manual I have calls for 4 but when I get it down to there it hardly runs and wants to back fire, dwell is right on 31
  12. Any one ever put a 6 blade fan on a 1941 Buick I'm thinking it might give me more cooling during the summer/
  13. I have a super 56s my dad bought it in 1954 he was the second owner, has 76000 actual miles I love driving this car.
  14. The needle for the mph works just wanting to get the mileage and trip meter working they just recently quit the cosmetic's are still in pretty fair shape.
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