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  1. looking for abs system is it for sale and how much do you need for it
  2. let see some pictures thanks Mark retirementplus@sasktel.net
  3. what parts do you have left retirementplus@sasktel.net
  4. intrest in purchasing retirementplus@sasktel.net need to no your Location
  5. the odometer is the same out of a Dodge Daytona,or a chrysler lebaron convertiable or a plymouth laser ,hope this helps
  6. would like to purchase abs sensor front and other abs parts
  7. Looking for instrument cluster and ABS Wheel sensor
  8. Hey stephenie would like to know if you still have wheel sensors if so can I buy them ,Mark
  9. Would like to know if you still have your instrument cluster and ABS wheel sensors,Thanks Mark
  10. do you have the instrument cluster ,and dash,Thanks Mark can be reached at retirementplus@sasktel.net
  11. would like to purchase instrument dash cluster fo $ 50.00 how much for dash,Can be reached at retirementplus@sasktel.netThanks Mark
  12. would like to buy instrument cluster ,can be reached at retirementplus@sasktel.net,Thanks Mark
  13. I also need port hole windows both sides can be contacted at retirementplus@sasktel.net
  14. need parts for 91 posted parts i need want to part with these parts [color:"red"]
  15. need tail lights ,dash,heater vents, tempreture control, brake booster,radio,if you have any of these parts Please let me Know,Thanks ,Mark
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