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  1. Hi Shaffer, A couple things...I about lived at my local Chevy dealer's in the '70's and I don't remember any interior upgrades available on the Caprice wagon, at all, until '75, when the 50/50 seat became available on all Impalas and since the Caprice wagon and convert had Impala interiors, that option became available on them as well. If the lower instrument cluster of that Caprice wagon was color-keyed when most were black, I think most likely it was a goof (made late in the model run when they started using the next year's parts?) or was changed at some point. That saddle-color '73 Capric
  2. Roberta, it's a long movie at 2 hrs. 13 min, and it's black and white. But watch the whole thing in one sitting...you'll be glad you did! I never tire of it. Plus, there are two '64 Buicks near the very end of the movie! Bill
  3. I think that six-window design (is that what Buick called it?) is actually more elegant than the four-door hardtop. I might add, I think the car is more elegantly-styled than the same-year Cadillac (sacrilege?!) Seeing Olivia deHavilland (always glamorous) and Bette Davis (well... good method actor anyway!) riding in those Electras seemed totally appropriate for the time and setting of that film. Bill
  4. My wife says I'm addicted to that movie, and it is unintentionally funny in a couple places (!), but I think the story, and most of the cast and acting, is superbly entertaining and by the end I'd even say the movie is poignant! As a kid it scared the daylights out of me, and I have read that it had the most Oscar nominations of any scary movie up until "Silence of the Lambs"! Man, when I saw the attachment of your "Black Beauty", TG, I swore I could almost see Charlotte in the back seat, and Sherriff Luke Standish standing nearby with his casebook in hand! That is IDENTICAL to the car at th
  5. Shaffer, was the movie called "The Seven Ups"? I couldn't find the title mentioned earlier. If that's the one, I can't remember specifically the Pontiacs in it (been 30+ years since I've seen it, I think!), but I do remember the car driving under the rear of the semi truck trailer! Also, concerning Impala/Kingswood and Caprice/Kingswood Estate wagon interiors, growing up in a Chevy family and constantly hanging around a Chevy/Cadillac dealer as a teen, this always drove me crazy: From the first time they started making Caprice wagons ('66), the seat and door trim was straight Impala. The d
  6. That '73 green interior is nice...much nicer IMHO, especially, than the "pea green" used in '71 and '72 and also the light green used in '74 and '75 (not sure about '76). Bill
  7. Centurion, you are absolutely right about the '64 Special...light-colored 4-door. It is shown clearly at the end, and in nighttime scenes earlier in the film. It is driven by the character "Mr. Marchand" who is a NYC reporter from a cheesy crime magazine. I think the last fifteen or so minutes of this movie are among the best ever committed to film! BTW, the film was released on DVD in fall of '05 and is available at Borders'. I own it, but have loaned it to my sister in PA and she's had it for six months! Bill
  8. Yesterday on Fox Movie Channel, I watched (for the umpteenth time!) my favorite movie, "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" (1964) with Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten, and Agnes Moorhead ('Endora' on 'Bewitched'). It's a guilty pleasure and I am always amazed by the end of the movie how much I still enjoy it. Pretty scary stuff for 1964. Anyway, the movie shows interior and exterior shots, in great clarity, in a few various parts of the movie, of two different '64 Electra 225 six-window sedans (not hardtops). One appears to be black, and the other a light color (movie is in black
  9. I sure like the tone of those blue interiors on both the Grand Safari and the Estate Wagon! For some reason all I seem to remember is pale blue interiors in cars of the late '70's and early '80's. The blues used above are certainly more rich-looking. Shaffer, you have sure seen some unusually-equipped Bel Airs and Biscaynes!! You mentioned a '69 Biscayne two-door sedan...last year you could get a two-door sedan in a full-size Chevy. You know, really, in most every year of the '60's, I actually prefer the Biscayne to the Bel Air because the differences in interior luxury weren't all that gr
  10. Wow, although I no longer have them, I pretty distinctly remember that starting in '70, BelAirs were the lowest models mentioned in the full-size catalogs. In the thick, big showroom ordering binders, the Biscayne was included. I thought Biscaynes must have only been mentioned in the fleet literature. Can you post one, or email me offline? Thanks, Bill
  11. I have only seen bucket seats on '71 (and maybe '72) LTD convertibles, but it is rare. Yes, I remember the Custom and Custom 500...Efrem Zimbalist always drove a plain black "Custom" on the FBI TV show! I used to kid that it looked so generic, it should just say "CAR" on the trunklid! No '71-'76 Impalas had center armrests, and only the Caprice sedans did...the coupes did not. And even that went away on the sedans when you bought the 50/50 seats with passenger recliner ('73-76). You have a '69 Caprice. Ever see one with the vinyl bucket seats? Very very nice interior trim. You could also
  12. Great-looking car! Good luck! Bill
  13. Buckets and console by any chance? Bill
  14. Like that Catalina Brougham vinyl interior. Looks high-quality and that it would wear like iron! One thing I remember about Catalina Broughams/Bonnevilles (and Venturas and Executives, previously) is that the all-vinyl, and cloth and vinyl, seat trims were totally different from each other (but same between the two model lines). In other words, the all-vinyl wasn't the same seat design and pattern as the cloth and vinyl, just in vinyl, etc. Strange. '71 Ford...they still made a Galaxie 500...I was surprised to see that the LTD that year had an interior I would have guessed would have been i
  15. Thanks for the info...what a gorgeous Electra!! I like that metallic green too, very spring-like. I remember that color. Our '74 Impala, unfortunately, was that dreadful pale pastel non-metallic light green...ick! Bill
  16. Wow Shaffer, thanks for all the detailed big Pontiac production information, and the other pics you posted! First off, I did indeed always like that rich chocolate brown color of 1973 as on your Grand Ville. My sister had a '73 Chevelle wagon bought new in that color and I always thought it was a "dressy" color. Secondly, that '72 Electra of yours is gorgeous! I love that light-colored cloth interior. You'd think it would really show the dirt, but it looked great in the photos! I do think the big Buicks of '71-73 had the best instrument panels of Chevy-Pontiac-Olds-Buick. Just looks the ri
  17. Shaffer, a major apology is in order here! Sorry for the hackneyed comments about '73 big Pontiacs! I didn't see until later that you owned a '73 Grand Ville. Yours certainly looks in good shape in the photos. Again, sorry about that! I think I could be interested in a '73 Bonneville two-door hardtop...the sportier roofline but also has the wide rocker moldings...and a pretty nice interior too! I know this is the Buick forum, but I always thought it was funny that the only difference, really, between a Catalina Brougham and a Bonneville (in the early '70's) was the wheelbase, am I right?
  18. Brian, thanks for pointing that out about the Centurion Formal Coupe having a standard vinyl top and smaller rear window than LeSabres. I never knew that, but then didn't see many Centurions around our town either...mostly LeSabre Customs. Was the vinyl top standard on the Centurion Hardtop Sedan too? Shaffer, thanks for the Pontiac pics...I thought they botched the big Pontiacs in '73...no, not just the bumpers which no make escaped, but changing to the square instrument bezels, and frankly, I hated the new wood inserts on the dash and doors of the Grand Ville. To my eyes, looked really ch
  19. Thanks Brian, I think I do remember the strike now that you mention it! Our town had under 10K people also; I remember a (urine-like!) light green metallic '71 Impala Custom Coupe in the dealer's showroom on '71 introduction night, I'm almost certain. The strike must have happened after some '71's had been made--I guess you did indeed note that above! My grandfather actually bought our dealer's first Vega in September '70! I seem to remember that Vegas were scarce in '71 too compared with '72's. I think I remember that '72 Camaros were extremely scarce, however; that must have been due to a
  20. I remember a friend's parents having a light turquoise '65 Wildcat 4-door Hardtop, apparently a Deluxe since it had matching cloth and vinyl interior that looked like the interior shown elsewhere in this post for a Deluxe. It was a real nice car. I have always thought that it was too bad Buick didn't write "Deluxe" or "Custom" on Wildcat models, or "Custom" on Electra 225 models for that matter. Couldn't you see a car dealer either not knowing, or deliberately undercutting, a customer's trade-in value on such a car since it didn't say "Deluxe" or "Custom" anywhere on the car? I bet owners g
  21. This is my first post! I love Studebakers and own a '63 Lark Daytona Skytop with factory Avanti power, but I grew up on GM and absorbed all of the new car brochures like a sponge! I like '71 and '72 full-size GM cars too, and specifically remember thinking that the Pontiac looked better than the '70 (although in all the GM full-size lines in '71 it seemed they shot their whole budget on the exterior...it seems like quality of interior materials and luxury weren't quite what they were in '70). That's a nice Grand Safari. You said it was based on the mid-line Bonneville. I agree the interior
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