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  1. BTW, I had previously wondered if cloth interiors on '71 DeVilles got the metal inlays and leather got the faux woodgrain, but I have seen a car in the "Cars of the Seventies" big coffee-table book, that is a maroon-leather-interior '71 Coupe DeVille and it has the metal inlays. Bill
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Coupe-de-...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-Cadi...1QQcmdZViewItem Two '71 Caddies on eBay; again, one with the brushed metal inlays (I love this), and the other with imitation woodgrain. I can't imagine one was an option (never remember anything like that), but I bet the woodgrain superceded the metal somewhere mid-model year. Too bad, but I guess back then woodgrain=luxury. All the Fleetwoods and Eldorados had woodgrain the entire model year; only DeVilles ever had this brushed-metal look. Bill
  3. ...not to mention, they looked real nice with those famous, sharp Buick chrome road wheels. Bill
  4. Boy, you sure don't see Apollos around much, do you? You never really even did back then! To my eyes, the changes they did from a basic Nova sure was an improvement--front and back. I also remember them having a really nice front bench seat--a plush, tuck and roll-looking thing. Bill
  5. That Caddy is stunning, although I admit to liking the '73 and '74 the least of the '71-'76 stamdard-sized Caddys. A buddy of mine who has wrenched for a living and whose Dad had numerous Caddys through the years, claims the '73 was a low-point in workmanship and driveability...still, this is a stunning car! Why can't you get a luxurious cloth interior in any car anymore? It's leather or nothing! Bill
  6. That beige vinyl is very luxurious...like leather! Still don't like that big hunk of wood trim on the doors! I think they did away with that in '75 and '76. Bill
  7. Shaffer, I must admit I was scratching my head when trying to figure out what a Maverick LDO was, but when I hit your link I definitely remembered them around. In fact, a red-headed cheerleader in my high school was the granddaughter of the local Ford dealer and had a silver-blue Maverick LDO, I believe it was a '74 or '75 though (big bumpers front and back) and it was a 302! I always disliked Mavericks despite this girl being a real cutie! When I looked to see where the Maverick in your link was located, I was surprised to see it was about 25 miles from where I grew up. Small world. Bill
  8. 63Stude

    Utica plant

    I'm sure the "refrigerator salesman" line was about Nance. He came to Packard from Hotpoint. Bill
  9. 63Stude

    Utica plant

    As a Stude fan and someone who appreciates Packards (particular '55-'58), I can honestly say this is the first time ever I have seen that Stude's dealer network was inferior to Packard's. Stude supposedly lost a lot of good dealers in the '50's as sales fell and the dealers defected to other makes, but I have read that many smaller Packard dealers were handled through distributors in the larger cities, and that around 1950 the distributorship program went away at Packard. I have a friend who was a small-town Stude and Packard dealer, and they had given up their Packard franchise around 1950
  10. As usual, thanks for the numbers posting! I'll have to check out the Pontiac forum...I've heard this Buick forum is the best one on the AACA group! I mostly hung out at the Chevy and Cadillac dealership in '71...with an occasional side-trip to the Pontiac dealer (two blocks away) and Buick-Olds dealer (other side of town). I never remember seeing a stick-shift '71 full-size Chevy, Pontiac, Olds, or Buick, ever.... But, I clearly remember in the spring when I was shocked to see the base price on big Chevys had gone up 300 bucks...then I saw that Turbo-Hydramatic, power steering and power bra
  11. Shaffer, on eBay right now are two different 1971 Cadillac Sedan deVilles. One has the brushed metal inlays on dash and doors and the other, woodgrain. Both cars appear bone-stock. I've noticed this before. Was this a mid-year change (to woodgrain)? I noticed the woodgrain car has all-leather seat trim and the brushed metal car has cloth and leather trim...wonder if that made the difference? Bill
  12. Thanks for all the photos! My very favorite Caddy would be a '71 Coupe de Ville in that light turquoise like the sedan photo you showed, with matching cloth interior and the brushed metal dash and door inserts! I have a friend who also thinks the '71 and '72 Caddys are the best-looking ones. That dark green Grand Ville ad is gorgeous! I know this is the Buick forum, but I think in profile the '71 and '72 Grand Villes are the prettiest GM B-bodies of that period. Love it with the wide rocker trim and no side moldings. I'd take that exact car in coupe version with the Custom interior. I use
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Pontiac-G...081724282QQrdZ1 Sorry I remembered it as plum; more of a red...guess it's wishful thinkin'! I loved that dark plum color on my grandparents' '67 Impala Sport Coupe as well as a family friend's '65 Grand Prix. Bill
  14. Shaffer, a couple questions about '60's Pontiacs: Did you see the '67 Executive wagon, 428, factory full instrumentation, and 8-lug wheels that is on ebay now? It's a dark plum color. Yes, the Executive had woodgrain standard, and the Bonneville didn't, although for '70 the woodgrain became optional on the Bonneville. Odd! Although I think Pontiac probably thought that without the woodgrain, there wouldn't have been enough differentiation between a Catalina wagon and an Executive wagon (no wheelbase difference as in sedans and hardtops). Have you ever seen a full-size '69 Pontiac with buck
  15. That '72 wagon has the standard-equipment Impala/Kingswood exterior trim...roof drip, side window reveal, and bodyside moldings. That's it! Even the Biscayne and BelAir had rocker moldings and all the Impala moldings were optional, so it is possible to have a Biscayne with factory exterior trim exceeding that of an Impala! Duh, Chevy! Although my eyesight isn't what it once was (!), I smiled when I think I saw "Impala" written on the steering wheel. Although a Kingswood is essentially an Impala wagon, Chevy didn't call it that anywhere and these wagons normally had wheels that said "Kingsw
  16. As much as I like the Lucerne, I am left stone-cold by the LaCrosse. It says "2000 Ford Taurus" to me! Also, are those their only two sedan lines? Do they really need two lines in sizes so close to each other? How about a Malibu-sized car? Bill
  17. Man, that Olds is indeed a beauty! I never noticed a clock like that for the rear seat. I could be mistaken, but I think the LS was the base-model Ninety-Eight, too. Nice touch! Bill
  18. TG, I wouldn't think any movie would influence a decision to buy a collector car, now THAT would be obsessive! But that's a great movie and a neat conversation piece for your very lovely Electra 225! I may have mentioned this earlier, but when I was a kid a friend's family had a '63 Electra 225 six-window sedan. Compared to our cheapo '62 Ford Fairline, it felt positively like a limousine! This friend's Dad was a Buick man through-and-through. What I remember about their Electras over the years is the speed alarm which his Dad would regularly set off (!), and that the radios always said "S
  19. Yes, when you watch it again you will pick up little "hints" in the movie that you didn't catch the first time! I love it..but then, I like scary movies. Without giving away too much in case anyone here wishes to see it, let's just say that when Charlotte gets her "turnabout is fair play" moment about fifteen minutes from the end (if you know what I mean!), I was just about cheering! Nice '64 you had! I think you'll agree that TG's car is a double for the one at the end of the movie! Bill
  20. Believe it or not, that cloth on that '71 Impala was the standard interior! Only wagons had all-vinyl as standard equipment. All Chevrolets of that time period (except Caprice coupes and sedans which had no vinyl interior available until '73), had cloth and vinyl standard, and all-vinyl optional--at some crazy nominal cost like $19 retail. Many Impalas got the optional all-vinyl, as it cleaned up easier for family use (of course), and I do think some people just liked the way it looked...pseudo-leather, you know?!! Your grandmother's cousin's '72 Impala sounded like a nice car. While I lik
  21. Man, I have never understood what makes grown adults act like children like that. Why on Earth would anybody who had an issue with someone else not either talk to them about it, or avoid them altogether? Destroying personal property is the act of a twelve-year old! Bill
  22. Shaffer, did you see this 6-cyl. 3-speed '71 Impala Sport Coupe on eBay? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/RARE-Orig...1QQcmdZViewItem Seems like you never saw that many Sport Coupes, but with this combination, it's ridiculous! Mid-year '71, the Turbo-Hydramatic and Power Steering became standard equipment--with base prices raised commensurately, of course! I like the '71 Impala side trim--plain wheel openings, wide rocker moldings, no side moldings. Too bad the driver's seat back is so gone, but the rest of the interior seems decent. Thanks for that Pontiac brochure page or two. I like the Ca
  23. For what it's worth, I think the Lucerne is a good-looking car. I have never ridden in one or driven one yet, nor do I know anyone who owns one though. I'm not crazy about all that fake wood on the instrument panel...but I think the exterior is great! I think you could park it next to the very biggest Acuras, Infinities, Lexuses, and BMW's, and hold your head up high! Gotta have the four "portholes" and even more so, the molding along the bottom of the decklid in back though!! Bill
  24. Shaffer, forgot to mention in last post...did you see there's a '72 Biscayne on eBay right now? Only one I've ever seen. Looks nice, but aftermarket seat trim. I remember the big showroom album showing them in a choice of only black or beige woven vinyl with a horizontal bolster on the seat back and two buttons on each seat back. Bill
  25. Hi Shaffer, I agree, tht '73 Estate Wagon ought to sell for his reasonable BIN price. Also, my innate GM bias is showing, but I think if you compare styling elegance of the Ford wagon you included a photo of, with the same model year's Chevy or other GM wagons, the GM wagons seem more luxuriously-styled and I'll even go so far as to say, seem more timeless...even with the headache-inducing clamshell tailgate! Bill
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