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  1. I'm bringing friends with me who've never been to Hershey this year. The Dad was a Studebaker dealer. We all know what walking around is like at Hershey; I assume it's OK to bring a golf cart for him to stay in the wide aisles only of the Car Corral and Car Show? This will probably be the first and only time he'll visit Hershey, and it simply wouldn't be doable any other way. It seems I've seen others there. Opinions? Thanks, Bill
  2. I prefer to buy American when possible. I figure I can't whine about no manufacturing jobs, then go make the problem worse. But on top of that, I've liked my domestics. I know what everyone says about Hondas built in OH, etc., but I think it's been pretty-much proven that the big 3 still employee more people, including suppliers, in the U.S. than any of the import manufacturers operating here. I bought a new '08 Chevy Cobalt LS/XFE in April. 80% domestic content, assembled in NE OH about 30 miles from where I live, and one of the cheapest cars to buy. I paid $11,900 before my GM card earni
  3. Dave says the following about what book he was using about the serial no. plate locations on '68 Skylarks and Gran Sports: "The error about my serial number location was in the "Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1964 - 1971" edition under the Buick Special, Gran Sport section on page 44." Bill (63Stude)
  4. Thanks gentlemen. I will pass your information onto Dave. I have known him since elementary school (mid-'60's). We talked again a couple summers ago at our 30th high school reunion and have communicated via email several times since. I know this is a Buick forum, but his folks had the sharpest Evening Orchid '65 Impala Sport Coupe w/327 back then...even as a kid, I thought it was pretty cool! Bill
  5. An old school friend with a '68 GS was pleased with the info he got from here a few months back when I posted a question of his, so asked if I could kindly post a couple more questions he has here, attention Ted Nagel or anyone else who might assist: "...Also, I don't know how to get in touch with Ted Nagel. (The guy that responded to your questions for me.) I wanted to ask him some questions. My 68 has the serial number identification plate attached to the top of the instrument panel on the left side and can be seen through the windshield. However, according to my book, this plate is attac
  6. $67,500 is indeed what it sold for...PLUS a 13% fee according to the ad!!! I'd really enjoy one of those with a 3-speed and OD. Bill P.
  7. Being a Studie guy, I've always liked these 'Packards' in proportion and function, but I never thought I'd see even one as beautiful as this one bring this kind of $$ in my lifetime. http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150258840057&rd=1 Bill P.
  8. I see they have been putting the car inside at night, as I'm only seeing it in the evening now when I leave work (not early a.m.). The car appears to have a dent in the LR quarter panel, and yesterday I noticed "One Owner" written on the windshield. No price noted. Bill P.
  9. I work about a mile off of I-279 and Camp Horne Road in Pittsburgh (live in OH though) and the large used car dealer right at 279 and Camp Horne Rd.--North Hills Auto Mall--has a bright red '72 Centurion convertible for sale, white interior, black top, chrome Buick road wheels. I have no idea of asking price, but it looks nice (authentic/original) from the road. I'd have stopped, but working from 6:30 a.m. 'til 7 p.m., I'm on a beeline to the hotel on the way out of work! Just a FYI. Bill P.
  10. Thank you Ted. Your car takes me back...right to 1968! Beautiful and authentic-looking car! I have passed your remarks onto Dave. Bill
  11. I have been corresponding with a former classmate of mine about our mutual interest in '60's cars and other things. He has a '68 Buick GS and while he is a hands-on guy unlike me, he is aware of my memory of minute-type details about '60s cars...although I am not a Buick expert. He asked me the following questions and I posted what I believe the answers would be, in ALL CAPS after his questions, although I thought it would be a good idea to run the questions/answers past the Buick experts here. Thank you in advance for your help. Bill Dave's questions are: "Here is what I don't know: 1) We
  12. Shaffer, I am 99.99% sure he's joshin' you on the shift knob option on that Grand Ville! That is a beautiful Cadillac Calais. So similar to a deVille, it's true, but much, much rarer, and less money then and now. I can see why people bought them..."stepping up to a Cadillac" but still watching the budget. It's still a Cadillac, inside and out, despite no woodgrain! I clearly remember a black '72 Calais sedan, new, at our local dealer's. It was only there a couple days. Solid black, black cloth, blackwalls, no air and NO RADIO! I remember as plain as day, the price, with no options but wi
  13. As I've mentioned here before, my absolute favorite movie is "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" (1964). It had more Oscar nominations than any scary movie up 'til 'Silence of the Lambs'. Very much the flavor of a Hitchcock movie, but I like it better than any of the Hitchcocks (and I've seen 'em all!). There are two '64 Electra six-window sedans and a '64 Special sedan featured in the movie. Here on YouTube is the last few minutes of the movie (might 'spoil' the movie a bit if you haven't yet seen it; might not), but you can see the dark-colored '64 Electra in much of these scenes. Bill P.
  14. Shaffer, no full-size Chevys from '71 and later ever came available from the factory with a 4-speed. In mid-'71 the Turbo-Hydramatic became standard equipment on V8 big Chevys. This '72 was converted to four-speed. I am not even certain if you could get a 4-speed in a '70 big Chevy, but I do know that bucket seats were no longer offered in '70. Last big Chevy I ever saw with a 4-speed was a '69. Bill P.
  15. Not for sale, just a good article with good photos. Bill
  16. There is (to my eyes) a bee-yootiful bright green metallic (can't think of what Buick called it), '72 Skylark 350 Sun Coupe in March's Hemmings Classic Car. It has a white partial-vinyl top, white sunroof, chrome road wheels, factory white bucket-seat interior and console...it is just gorgeous. Pick it up on the newsstands if you don't subscribe, in a couple weeks or so. I got mine in the mail yesterday. I have got to believe that Golde made those sunroofs. I have a Studebaker Lark Daytona Hardtop with factory sunroof (also white) and it looks just like that on this Sun Coupe..even the ha
  17. The LeSabre was the lowest-line big Buick, followed by the LeSabre Custom. Then, the Centurion was next in line. I subscribe to Hemmings Classic Car, but honestly there is not a month goes by that there isn't some incredibly basic error of fact like this that makes it into my first two minutes of reading. Yeah, it's not a big deal, but it's so basic, you wonder why nobody at the magazine caught it. And of course once something is in print, people use it as 'irrefutable fact'! Bill P.
  18. I know I probably open myself to ridicule by posting this on a Buick site (!), but probably my current collector car is the oddest thing I've ever driven...a 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona 2-door Hardtop with factory Avanti power, factory air, and factory white fabric Skytop Sunroof. I love it for its oddness! After that, it would probably have to be a friend's '56 Packard Clipper Super Hardtop with no power steering (drove nicely anyway). Bill P.
  19. Mine would be a '65 Riviera Gran Sport, probably followed by a '65 Wildcat Custom Sport Coupe with bucket seats and console, followed by a '71 Riviera GS, followed by a '70 Wildcat Custom Sport Coupe with bucket seats and console...but oops, that's not one, is it? Color is way secondary for me, any color would do on a really nice car! Bill P.
  20. Oh no problem, my idea wasn't necessarily to get responses, I just think they're neat pictures with some Packards in them! I was surprised to see the row of 'em outside the Avanti building. I like V8 Packards. A few friends of mine over the years have owned them, I think they do ride remarkably well, and the facelift was a good one on the '51 body I think. A friend of mine was our small hometown's Studebaker and Packard dealer (even prior to the merger) and in fact sold '56 Caribbean convertible no. 1258 new, which still survives. I have color photos of it on delivery day. I, too, think S
  21. Yes, how could I have missed mentioning that '56 Caribbean convertible? That was Nate Altman's, father of the Avanti II and former partner in Newman-Altman Packard (later Edsel, later Studebaker) in South Bend. That car sat for many years in the old Newman and Altman Parts/Standard Surplus building at 405 W. Sample St. in South Bend. I remember seeing it in a corner of the building every time I went to the annual May swap meet there, throughout the '90's. It was sitting in front of a huge Ultramatic Pushbutton Shift display in a case, which has since been given to the new Studebaker Nationa
  22. No, apparently the '71 Impala four-door sedan I saw on eBay is no longer on. I guess I was too lazy to post the link here..going forward I will make sure to do that! It was a bone-stock looking '71 in a one-year only, medium-turquoise color. I've seen some of the Buick guys mention '71 LeSabres in the same color. For some reason, I think Chevy had the word "Sea" in their name for it. I only ever remember seeing one new Chevy at our local dealer in that color, a Bel Air sedan which they had for about the whole model year. It had been damaged in transit and I remember the dealer's bodyshop
  23. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/561351287DGrCqN?start=12 A fellow recently supplied this link to the SDC website, of photos a late friend of his had taken at the 1971 South Bend Studebaker Drivers Club national meet. As a Studebaker guy I found them highly entertaining. On page two of the photos, top row, rightmost photo, it appears there is a line of '55 and '56 Packards outside the Avanti Motors building. Well, Newman and Altman, who ran the Avanti works at that time, had been Packard dealers in the V8 era, even before they had become Studebaker dealers. For what it's worth (probably
  24. That is a nice Caprice. Incorrect wheel covers though...the ones on it are for an '80 to I believe '85 Caprice. There is also a nice '71 Impala Sedan on eBay now, low-mileage, that great one-year only Turquoise color, black vinyl interior, and the optional wheel opening and bodyside moldings along with the standard wide rocker panel moldings. Most interesting '71 big-Chevy I've seen on eBay since the Impala Sport Coupe 3-speed six-cylinder car there last year. Bill P.
  25. Yes, that car (the real one) is Ascot Blue. Too bad that didn't have the black cloth interior! I did always think, though, that the '72 Impala/Kingswood/Kingswood Estate vinyl was very attractive and durable...probably as nice a vinyl interior design and material as anybody was offering in '72. If it had a front seat center armrest, it would have been really, really, nice! Bill
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