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  1. Bob, I'm afraid you're probably right, and people who won't forget will be considered unenlightened neanderthals most likely. Bill
  2. About Beetles...the two things I remember most about them was that the air in the spare tire powered the windshield washer, and when you closed the hood, it sounded like putting a lid on a galvanized garbage can! Bill
  3. "At issue is whether we learn and move on in synchronicity with current reality, or do we cling to the wrongs of the past to justify our present day behavior." This sounds great, but I think it's a big part of our country's (hell, the world's) problems for so long. You can do terrible things, but it'll be OK shortly down the road...everyone will "move on". I'm a big believer in the saying that there are consequences for a person, or country, or government's, actions...and sorry if I can't put 400K American deaths in the back of my head so soon. Bill
  4. Dave, I don't pretend to speak for anybody but myself, but as hideous as what the Germans were and did, it was the Japanese who attacked us on our shores (even though Hawaii was not a state then), and ushered our entrance into World War II. Perhaps that's what sticks in some people's craw. Plus, V-E Day happened several months before V-J Day, so really we physically fought the Japanese for a bit longer. I see buying a car as a little tiny bit more than just what it is to me and my family, but hey, call me a fool. Frankly, I was always a little surprised at the VW Beetle's success in the st
  5. Does anyone really think that anybody who prefers to buy a domestic automobile, has no problem buying German but won't buy Japanese? I choose to buy neither....and back to WWII--I'm of German descent, but I think what happened in and around Germany as little as 64 years ago is absolutely repulsive. Incidentally,I did hear Battle of the Bulge veterans, including a Jewish gentleman, say only a year ago that as bad as the Germans were, they had nothing on the Japanese as far as torture of prisoners was concerned. Bill
  6. "Toyota never produced aircraft or aircraft motors, only cars and trucks" Not according to this article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081222/ap_on_bi_ge/as_japan_toyota Bill
  7. John, as long as we're going back 30 years (Pinto), why don't we go back 64--when Toyota was building aircraft to kill our soldiers in the war they started...but we finished? No, that's not like still fighting the Civil War...they are millions of people still alive today who were alive then and affected by their atrocities...and there are still 2.5 million veterans of WWII alive today. That is not my main reason at all for wanting to buy American, but I can't just completely ignore it, either. It hasn't been long enough. Like bringing up the Pinto, which was indeed a tragedy for those affec
  8. John, all excellent points, but I think we'd all have to logically agree that if GM recalled more vehicles than it made in 2006 (as did Toyota), it would absolutely be at the top of the front page....I'm sure with Toyota it was lower on the page or maybe not on the front page. Why is that? My longtime experience with my GM vehicles has also been that they (the dealer, and hence, GM) have gone above and beyond, outside of warranty, as needed, without any arm-twisting. Of course, I haven't had issues up the ladder-rung like oil sludging or frame rustout. My God, Toyota should have been embarr
  9. Dave, you are aware that the survey results in CR are from subscribers to the magazine only? I'm not sure how statistically correct that is. I don't fault their findings, really, other than they don't seem to take sample error into consideration. As recently as a couple years ago, they said a Pontiac Torrent was more reliable than a Chevy Equinox. There is no reason at all, whatsoever, why that should be. It's sample error. Nothing else. But they actually said, "We'd recommend the Torrent over the Equinox". Sheesh. Bill
  10. Oh believe me, I read about GM's slipping in that survey. You gotta admit, the Japanese makers do get more of a 'free pass' in the media. Ever look at the Honda Odyssey forum among minivans on edmunds.com? It has many more negative postings than any other minivan...trans, mostly. You'll see some surprising posts about Sienna sliding doors costing $1,800 to fix on models as new as '04 there, as well. I have found that in my GM cars (twelve since 1981), when I have had problems, the dealer has gone above and beyond in fixing things free or greatly reduced, out-of-warranty. I have never boug
  11. Last year, Consumer Reports (which many tout as "The Bible") said they could no longer flatly recommend Camry V6's or Tundras, for that matter, as their reliability has slipped to below average. Somehow, that kind of thing never seems to make as much front-page news as trouble in the domestic industry. Another example of "Stockholm Syndrome". Bill
  12. Although the graphic mistakenly shows a '57 in reference, this recent article about the problems of the Big Three uses the Packard plant on East Grand Boulevard as an example of one of the things we can expect if the Big Three go away. I thought it was well-written and interesting. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/13/opinion/13mcgraw.html?_r=3 Bill
  13. Dave, the Uplander was made throughout the 2008 model year. Our local dealer still has a brand-new 2008 in inventory. Bill
  14. There was a Century Luxus in '73, a formal coupe much like the Regal but just a notch below. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure there was a Century Luxus sedan in '73 too. The LeSabre Luxus was introduced for the '74 model year and took the Centurion's place in the lineup. The sole convertible that year was a LeSabre Luxus. Bill
  15. The Centurion had the front fender nameplate below the bodyside molding, and the LeSabre front fender nameplate was above the side molding....that, along with no 'ventiports', made me think right away it was a Centurion. Bill
  16. Man, I'd love to see photos of your Mom's Concours Coupe! I was at Hershey over the weekend and even looked in the big '68 Chevrolet Showroom Sales Album at one vendor's spot...not a mention of the Concours Sport Coupe! Bill
  17. ...to get a good spot to watch the cars drive in? My friend, who's a former Studebaker dealer, and his son are coming to Hershey for the first time and I know they'd love most of all to get a good view of the cars driving in in the a.m. to the car show. What time does anyone suggest getting there on Sat. a.m. to put up a folding chair so that an older fellow can watch the cars driving in? Thanks, Bill
  18. Ron, here is a '69 Concours Sport Sedan, pretty much the way I remember them...although they are unbelievably rare for a Chevy: http://www.dalesplace.com/others/69chevelle/chevelle.htm Apparently an option on the Malibu Sport Sedan. But I swear I remember seeing one or two '68 Concours Sport Coupes! Bill
  19. Steve, do you remember the Concours Sport Sedan (four-door hardtop)? They were very rare, but I've seen more of them than the coupes I THINK I remember seeing! Thanks, Bill
  20. Philippe, thanks for posting that. I have never seen a LeSabre Custom with that interior, but have seen Estate Wagons with the 'Centurion' interior. That definitely shows that it was available on the LeSabre Custom. Wonder why they bothered? Bill P.
  21. Thanks for posting the pictures. What a beautiful car! When I was a kid, if a car had a front-seat center armrest, it was a luxury model...if it had a rear-seat center armrest as well, whoa, that was top-o'-the line luxury! Just IMHO, when a Centurion had an interior like this, I couldn't see why anyone would want an Electra. I like the cleaner Centurion styling better, and it was probably a tad less expensive. Bill
  22. I don't ever remember seeing a '73 LeSabre Custom with the Centurion interior...only a '73 Centurion with the Centurion interior. I know there was no Centurion in '74 and the LeSabre Luxus basically took its place in the lineup (including the sole convertible body style). I remember '74 Luxus models having the notchback front seat with center armrest as did '73 and earlier Centurions. Question: I can't remember where, but not too long ago I saw a Centurion with a rear-seat center armrest. Is that right? Never saw one before. It was a four-door hardtop, but the upholstery and design look
  23. That Caprice is a beautiful, original-looking car. I typically don't like the '73 Chevys, but like that color and car. Interesting...either the steering wheel has been replaced (doubtful), or, as was not that unusual back then, the car didn't receive the Caprice standard steering wheel, as an assembly-line goof. The Caprice wheel had a slightly different center with a band of fake woodgrain at the top of the center of the wheel and the word "Classic" in the center of the woodgrain band. This I know from 35 years of looking at the cars, plus owning a 1973 Chevrolet Dealers' Sales Album until
  24. I'm pretty sure I only ever remember seeing a '68 Concours coupe, and '69 Concours sport sedans and wagons. But from a carmaker as large as Chevy, these Concours coupes (if they did happen!) are sure a mystery. I'd love to find a piece of factory literature on them. Bill
  25. I believe I've seen one or two in my life, but the '68 Chevelle brochure only shows Concours Sports Sedan and Concours Estate wagon. Could the Concours Sport Coupe have been a mid-year model and thus not have been in the brochure? This is driving me nuts! It's been years and years since (I'm pretty sure) I've seen one. They had a notchback front seat with center armrest. Bill
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