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  1. While I've never noticed a top of door panel on a Buick like that before, the color and cut makes me think it's factory...like the hard-plastic tops of the door panels of Chevy Biscaynes and BelAirs of the same year. It looks odd to me to see the area at the bottom of the door panel where the upper models would have carpeting, too...but again, I bet the top is original. Bill P.
  2. That's a pretty darn nice Kingswood Estate, Shaffer! I was always fond of that '72-only color...I believe it was called "Golden Brown". Nice wheel covers...did she change her mind and include them with the car after all? That black vinyl interior is what was used as standard equipment in Kingswood and Kingswood Estate wagons, and Impala convertibles, and was optional at slight extra cost on all other Impala body styles. Very rich and durable-looking. I always thought it was richer-looking than the Pontiac Catalina vinyl interior of the same year, but right up there with the Catalina Broug
  3. Wow, that LeMans IS rare! I was not crazy about the '73 LeMans in general; my eyes didn't like the pointy rear end nor the dash. However, I DID always like the '73 Luxury LeMans Coupe...a luxury model WITH the fastback roof and large triangular quarter windows! Seems like in '74 and later, that roofline (which I always liked...GREAT visibility inside!) only got teamed up with low-level models with plain interiors. Never liked that fastback roofline with the tiny "opera" windows and huge blind spot that you started seeing in '74 and later. Bill P.
  4. Interesting car and equipment, but I just HATE that color! My parents had a new '74 Impala Sport Coupe in that very color, with white painted top. I wanted a maroon one the dealer had with white painted top and black and white "Herringbone" seat trim, but Dad won out. That green looks like baby diarrhea to me! Bill
  5. Not sure about Oldsmobiles (re.: green '73 Delta 88 above), but if they were like Chevrolets, all-vinyl was ALWAYS a low-cost option in the early '70's...often, priced somewhere from $19 to $31 extra. Cloth and vinyl was always standard in Novas, Chevelles, Monte Carlos, and full-size Chevrolets (except Biscaynes, where woven vinyl was the only choice). Re.: Whether the Biscayne had carpeting or vinyl floor covering, I am thinking they had vinyl floor covering. Carpeting came in the BelAir. The '71 and '72 Biscaynes and BelAirs were nearly indistinguishable from the outside in trim (namepl
  6. I may have mentioned this before, but I can clearly remember our local small-town dealer getting in a new black '72 Calais hardtop sedan with blackwalls, no air, and no radio. It had power windows (standard equipment), but I don't remember if it had power seats. It had black cloth interior. I am almost certain the sticker showed the car had NO options. The price at the bottom was $6,480, I do remember that. It was obviously an ordered car as it disappeared from the lot in a day or two, and I never saw it around town after that. Sure looked funny to see a radio delete filler plate in a Ca
  7. That Biscayne is probably only the second '72 I've ever seen, anywhere. It's the original interior too. Has '70 or '74 full wheel covers though (they were the same those years), although that's an easy correction. Wonder why it has the 400? Odd! Nice car though. That Calais is a nice car too. I wouldn't mind a Calais...far rarer than a Coupe deVille and barely distinguishable from one. I can see why people bought one new...the easiest way to "step up" to Cadillac...and even a low-end Cadillac is still a Cadillac and very nice inside! Bill P.
  8. 1971-73 Cadillac Calais models had hard, black crinkle-vinyl inlays where the '71 DeVilles (at least some of them) had the brushed metal inlays. Bill
  9. As mentioned in a previous thread, my favorite "Buick" movie...hell, it's my favorite movie, period!...is "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" (1964) with Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, Olivia deHavilland, and Cecil Kellaway. While there isn't a Buick in almost every part of the movie, like "Rain Man", there are two '64 Electra six-window pillared sedans and a '64 Special four-door sedan featured pretty prominently. I never get tired of watching the movie. I think it's the best ending ever committed to film! For some reason, the Internet Movie Database doesn't list this film's cars. http://forums.a
  10. BTW, I had previously wondered if cloth interiors on '71 DeVilles got the metal inlays and leather got the faux woodgrain, but I have seen a car in the "Cars of the Seventies" big coffee-table book, that is a maroon-leather-interior '71 Coupe DeVille and it has the metal inlays. Bill
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Coupe-de-...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-Cadi...1QQcmdZViewItem Two '71 Caddies on eBay; again, one with the brushed metal inlays (I love this), and the other with imitation woodgrain. I can't imagine one was an option (never remember anything like that), but I bet the woodgrain superceded the metal somewhere mid-model year. Too bad, but I guess back then woodgrain=luxury. All the Fleetwoods and Eldorados had woodgrain the entire model year; only DeVilles ever had this brushed-metal look. Bill
  12. That Caddy is stunning, although I admit to liking the '73 and '74 the least of the '71-'76 stamdard-sized Caddys. A buddy of mine who has wrenched for a living and whose Dad had numerous Caddys through the years, claims the '73 was a low-point in workmanship and driveability...still, this is a stunning car! Why can't you get a luxurious cloth interior in any car anymore? It's leather or nothing! Bill
  13. That beige vinyl is very luxurious...like leather! Still don't like that big hunk of wood trim on the doors! I think they did away with that in '75 and '76. Bill
  14. Shaffer, I must admit I was scratching my head when trying to figure out what a Maverick LDO was, but when I hit your link I definitely remembered them around. In fact, a red-headed cheerleader in my high school was the granddaughter of the local Ford dealer and had a silver-blue Maverick LDO, I believe it was a '74 or '75 though (big bumpers front and back) and it was a 302! I always disliked Mavericks despite this girl being a real cutie! When I looked to see where the Maverick in your link was located, I was surprised to see it was about 25 miles from where I grew up. Small world. Bill
  15. As usual, thanks for the numbers posting! I'll have to check out the Pontiac forum...I've heard this Buick forum is the best one on the AACA group! I mostly hung out at the Chevy and Cadillac dealership in '71...with an occasional side-trip to the Pontiac dealer (two blocks away) and Buick-Olds dealer (other side of town). I never remember seeing a stick-shift '71 full-size Chevy, Pontiac, Olds, or Buick, ever.... But, I clearly remember in the spring when I was shocked to see the base price on big Chevys had gone up 300 bucks...then I saw that Turbo-Hydramatic, power steering and power bra
  16. Shaffer, on eBay right now are two different 1971 Cadillac Sedan deVilles. One has the brushed metal inlays on dash and doors and the other, woodgrain. Both cars appear bone-stock. I've noticed this before. Was this a mid-year change (to woodgrain)? I noticed the woodgrain car has all-leather seat trim and the brushed metal car has cloth and leather trim...wonder if that made the difference? Bill
  17. Thanks for all the photos! My very favorite Caddy would be a '71 Coupe de Ville in that light turquoise like the sedan photo you showed, with matching cloth interior and the brushed metal dash and door inserts! I have a friend who also thinks the '71 and '72 Caddys are the best-looking ones. That dark green Grand Ville ad is gorgeous! I know this is the Buick forum, but I think in profile the '71 and '72 Grand Villes are the prettiest GM B-bodies of that period. Love it with the wide rocker trim and no side moldings. I'd take that exact car in coupe version with the Custom interior. I use
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Pontiac-G...081724282QQrdZ1 Sorry I remembered it as plum; more of a red...guess it's wishful thinkin'! I loved that dark plum color on my grandparents' '67 Impala Sport Coupe as well as a family friend's '65 Grand Prix. Bill
  19. Shaffer, a couple questions about '60's Pontiacs: Did you see the '67 Executive wagon, 428, factory full instrumentation, and 8-lug wheels that is on ebay now? It's a dark plum color. Yes, the Executive had woodgrain standard, and the Bonneville didn't, although for '70 the woodgrain became optional on the Bonneville. Odd! Although I think Pontiac probably thought that without the woodgrain, there wouldn't have been enough differentiation between a Catalina wagon and an Executive wagon (no wheelbase difference as in sedans and hardtops). Have you ever seen a full-size '69 Pontiac with buck
  20. That '72 wagon has the standard-equipment Impala/Kingswood exterior trim...roof drip, side window reveal, and bodyside moldings. That's it! Even the Biscayne and BelAir had rocker moldings and all the Impala moldings were optional, so it is possible to have a Biscayne with factory exterior trim exceeding that of an Impala! Duh, Chevy! Although my eyesight isn't what it once was (!), I smiled when I think I saw "Impala" written on the steering wheel. Although a Kingswood is essentially an Impala wagon, Chevy didn't call it that anywhere and these wagons normally had wheels that said "Kingsw
  21. Man, that Olds is indeed a beauty! I never noticed a clock like that for the rear seat. I could be mistaken, but I think the LS was the base-model Ninety-Eight, too. Nice touch! Bill
  22. Believe it or not, that cloth on that '71 Impala was the standard interior! Only wagons had all-vinyl as standard equipment. All Chevrolets of that time period (except Caprice coupes and sedans which had no vinyl interior available until '73), had cloth and vinyl standard, and all-vinyl optional--at some crazy nominal cost like $19 retail. Many Impalas got the optional all-vinyl, as it cleaned up easier for family use (of course), and I do think some people just liked the way it looked...pseudo-leather, you know?!! Your grandmother's cousin's '72 Impala sounded like a nice car. While I lik
  23. Shaffer, did you see this 6-cyl. 3-speed '71 Impala Sport Coupe on eBay? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/RARE-Orig...1QQcmdZViewItem Seems like you never saw that many Sport Coupes, but with this combination, it's ridiculous! Mid-year '71, the Turbo-Hydramatic and Power Steering became standard equipment--with base prices raised commensurately, of course! I like the '71 Impala side trim--plain wheel openings, wide rocker moldings, no side moldings. Too bad the driver's seat back is so gone, but the rest of the interior seems decent. Thanks for that Pontiac brochure page or two. I like the Ca
  24. Shaffer, forgot to mention in last post...did you see there's a '72 Biscayne on eBay right now? Only one I've ever seen. Looks nice, but aftermarket seat trim. I remember the big showroom album showing them in a choice of only black or beige woven vinyl with a horizontal bolster on the seat back and two buttons on each seat back. Bill
  25. Hi Shaffer, I agree, tht '73 Estate Wagon ought to sell for his reasonable BIN price. Also, my innate GM bias is showing, but I think if you compare styling elegance of the Ford wagon you included a photo of, with the same model year's Chevy or other GM wagons, the GM wagons seem more luxuriously-styled and I'll even go so far as to say, seem more timeless...even with the headache-inducing clamshell tailgate! Bill
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