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  1. Barrett-Jackson's had another show (Pebble Beach?) since this thread began, anyone see the Buicks?
  2. I sure would like to know if Kurt Russell or the Zmeckis bros. knows anything about the car from the movie
  3. Thanks for such a nice invitation, I may just do that. Unfortunately SledZep won't be making it unless I drag it up there, but I don't think anyone goes to those things to look at cars that don't run. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Lincolns are cool, as are some Pontiacs (Bonnevilles, Catalinas) and some Caddi's (who doesn't love an El Dorado 500 front-wheel drive convertible?). I'll have to admit that I am THIS close to cashing out some holdings to get my Centurion running again. Salado in April sounds very nice, especially with our overcast
  4. Someone tell Rudy I've got his car! Snake Pliskin, eat your heart out!
  5. yeah, that movie's full of gems. Rudy asks if the bodywork guy really turned the firehose on the nuns protesting their sexy commercial, body guy replies with "Oh yeah! Knocked those motherf---ers right on their a-s, too!" "In my day, when you bought a politician the son of a b---h stayed bought!"
  6. I'll look but I don't think it was Kurt's car in the movie that had the taxicab paint (old taxis I think). Bummer to find out the bumper is a timepiece, I don't know if mine can be reshaped.
  7. I'd like to see a Barrett-Jackson auction for cars 15'+ long ONLY!!!
  8. Strange you mention that: while it's not yellow primer my car does have an original yellow coat underneath the brownish orange it has now (perfect for Texas football games and a HUGE rack of horns on the grille). Speedometer is in fact frozen, maybe Kurt got to it after all, plus the back bumper's a little misshapen. I know it was a common part on the full-size GM's that year, but I'd have to think it would be an expensive one because the lights are in the bumper. What a drag . . . "But Toby likes it, don't ya Toby?!" "WOOF!"
  9. This is a classic Robert Zemeckis comedy with Kurt Russell as the flim-flamming used car salesman trying to jam national TV broadcasts and run for state senate. A classic shpeal Kurt throws out to bag a sale is on his car: Buick Centurion Convertible. It's a rapid-fire snow job that talks about the gas savings among other things. A real hoot! There's a chance I actually own this car as it's the same color and when I got it it had a big dent in the driver's door just like the one made by the sucker's head that Kurt lures onto the lot with a bill on a fishing line. There are also some Rivier
  10. Gorgeous cream-colored full restoration time capsule went for only $33k!!! What gives?? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  11. Specs, ads, restored vehicle pics, the works! http://www.prewarbuick.com/features/buick_trucks
  12. Where do the big cars go for auction? I hardly saw any wagons, Riviera's, or '70s Cadi's/Buicks in general. Is Barrett-Jackson dominated primarily by small '60s-'70s muscle car owners? I saw comparatively few restored luxury vehicles or big cruisers/passenger wagons. I saw a 1950 Cadillac fully restored get almost NO attention on the block and go for only $33k! The announcers on Speed Network pointed out that price maybe covered the body and paint restoration!
  13. I thought this thread would lampoon the admittedly easy target of silly, irritating car commercials that run incessantly. I was forced to get by with nothing more than network/local affiliate TV for a few years, and there's no question that truck ads (and their infuriating jingles) are the most insipid, grating TV commercials of any kind. Let's rehash some of the most recent offerings: "I Want to Drive a Truck," "Ford is the Best in Texas," "Better in Texas, Better in a Dodge," whatever that monkey Toby Keith sang about, "Like a Rock" and now, a perversion of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" that r
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