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  1. Hello all. Thinking of moving my Riviera to create space to finish my other projects. Car can be seen at the Americana Manhasset Concours D'Elegance on October 14, 2012 on Long Island (NY). Car is being prepped for show so current pictures will be made available as soon as it returns. I'm currently replacing buttons, trying to make sense out of a trunk kit, and detailing the body. The car is a mild custom. It is bagged with staggered rims; most trim is removed from exterior (including side view mirrors, door handles, and scallops); and, it features a custom interior that I believe Bill Mitc
  2. Thank you Dan. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. I posted a shot on an earlier thread by another board member and didnt have the time to get back on. Here are a few shots of the car. Thanks to all those persons who responded to my questions, provided leads, and/or sold me parts. The car was a ground up restoration. The engine is the stock 401, the interior is a saddle brown and black vinyl, carpeting is dark brown, and the headliner is black. Car is bagged and what else? I will try and post additional details and photos later. The color is from an early 1930's Ford.
  4. Very nice job! I finished my bare metal resto late last year but only recently completed the install of bags and little odds and ends with the interior. I got my bags from universal air but had to do a lot of custom fabrication. The kit was sold as a Rivi kit but was made for a Chevy. My car was black when I got it but based on the paint, I suspect it was a fully optioned green Riv. The AC was taken out by the PO but I will install another during the winter. Who did you get your black gas pedal from? Thanks in advance and good luck with your Riv. It looks great.
  5. Good evening all. I am in the process of reassembling my Riv. Most of the parts came back from the shop in one box or in the car and the accompanying screws in a separate box versus being taped to the part. I am having a little difficulty putting things back together. If anyone is local and has assembled a Riviera, please reach out and come play car with me? Also, I purchased a replacement carpet from ACC. I noticed that the front section lays underneath the console. The original carpet went into the two strips, affixed to each side of the console. For those of you who replaced the O
  6. Gentlemen, Thank you for the prompt feedback. Cars has many things and is right in NJ (close to my in NY) but it does not have the correct clip. I fear I will buy it and it wont work out. I will check out the other site. Does anyone know the number of clips needed and if it is the same clip for both front and back. Many vendors sell but cannot say for certain what is what. Thanks. Jim, congrats! Check your email and give me a call. rns
  7. Im trying to locate clips for my 1963 Riv. If anyone has spares, a parts car with clips, and/or a source, I would appreciate the lead or direct sale. With the clips, I can finish the resto and the install of my interior. Thank you in advance and happy new year! My email is rs235(nospace)@columbia.edu
  8. I wanted to go with Scarebird but opted on the direct fit ebay option as there was no shopping around for parts. I think scare bird has an option where they will source everything for you, which will bring the price up to the $600-$700 range vs the $300 range. When my boxes of parts came, guess where some of it came from ... Scarebird. Good quality either way.
  9. Very,very sweet and classy. What color is that on the car? Is it a metallic, a single stage, DBC? Im painting my 63 Riviera this week and wanted to move away from the metallics, even just a light flake. Your car looks killer. If you know the code and can post it or email it to me, I'd appreciate it (rs235 at columbia.edu). Thank you and enjoy! Roger
  10. Thanks for the reminder but I checked with the gent with the ad and he doesn't have any lower rears. If anyone has a lower section, please don't be shy. Reach out? Help? Thanks.
  11. I am in search of a rear seat, lower section for my 1963 Riv. Mine is rotted out and I'm in the process of recovering my seats. If anyone has a rear seat section that they would like to sell or trade, I have some parts from a 1965 Riviera I can barter. Thanks in advance. My email address is rnscotland athotmail.com
  12. I need a little help. My little cousin, blew the engine in his 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. If anyone has a shop that can help him out, I would appreciate it. The dealership stated that the engine would need to be rebuilt or that he would need another installed. He is a college student with limited funds. The dealership is pricey and I know he can get it done cheaper, but I want it to be with a reputable shop. Any help or counsel would be appreciated. He plays college ball and due to his schedule, was not allowed to maintain a job. If you can help, I will make it up to you. The car is in
  13. Did a google search and found all of the vendors and contact information. Very nice but no luck. As the Riviera is not too common a car, I was advised "to go the boards and clubs" to source one. I'm back to square one. So, if anyone has a rear bumper... I don't have my car or access to it for another week or so. Can anyone tell me if the sideview mirror can be used on either side? Thanks guys.
  14. Steve, Thanks for responding. I am literally, brand spanking new. I don't know the names or websites for the vendors you mentioned. If you or someone else would be kind enough to post it or email the entire name, I would appreciate it greatly. I am in NYC. Roger
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