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  1. Dear Steve, Thank you for that information I am sure it will prove to be most helpful. Thank you, Bart
  2. Dear Wayne, I have a 2+2 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback which I restored ground up, and if it wasn't a unibody, i would have frame-off restored it. $25,000 may or may not be high, the problem is whether or not it is high is based on about 100 variables. $25,000 is high in general for a Fastback, and since it is being sold at a deal I am sure the price is a bit high, but when you shop around here's a few things to look at: 1. Paint Job - As long as the body was in good shape to begin with, this is most likely the single most expensive thing on the car. If someone had a $8000, 7 coat paint job pu
  3. Here is the rest of the info requested by the administrator (sorry, I didn't read the post until after I submitted): 1913 Buick Model 30 Pittsburgh, PA, USA 412 628 4163 bartholomewmripepi@hotmail.com
  4. I have a 1913 Model 30 Buick for sale. The serial numbers fit the BCA judging handbook, as does the wheelbase. I just purchased this car at auction relatively recently and do not really know enough about it to work on it. I have not yet tried to start the car because I want to change the oil and gas and everything before I try to. If someone wants to purchase it before I get it running that is fine. If you have any questions or want to see more pictures I will be happy to do the best I can. With regards to price I really have no idea what a car like this is worth, like I said I bought i
  5. I would like to thank everyone for your help and pictures you have posted for me. I have been struggling to figure this car out for about 3 months now, and with your help it only took one day. The only car that the wheelbase and frame numbers match up to is a 1913 Model 30 as Dave Corbin and others thought it may be. Everything else fits the Model 30, with the exception of the color, but this has been known to have been changed. Thank you all very much you have all been helpful like every other member I have encountered on this site. Sincerely, Bart
  6. I had to create another message since I couldnt figure out how to post a follow up with a picture. I posted it right above this one on the message board. Thank you again, Bart
  7. Dear Buick Enthusiasts, I posted another message earlier but didnt add a picture. Here is a picture if anyone can help me. The car has a wheelbase of about 109 in and the serial number on the frame is 7071. While I purchased this car at auction as a 1911 Buick, I believe that it could be another car, even though I have the original title for it. Thank you for all your help, Bart
  8. Here is a picture of the automobile in question, if you neeed more detailed pics of any part to help determine the model I would be happy to provide them. Thank you for your help, Bart
  9. Dear Buick Enthusiasts, I recently purchased a 1911 (or possibly even 1912 after I did quite a bit of research) Buick at an auction. I believe it is a 1911, but I cannot find a 1911 Buick with a wheelbase that is around 109 inches. It has no doors and is a two seater. The serial number on the frame is 7071. If anyone could help with this your opinions would be appreciated. I can also supply pictures if anyone would be so generous as to take some time to help me with my problem. Thank you, Bart
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