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  1. hi there overdrive spares in the uk make a possible overdrive unit that will fit but it isnt cheap at the moment at around £700 it is 15" long, 7" wide, 4.5" below centre line of prop & 3" above, this can be adapted to fit in the torque tube easy enough. see www.odspares.com - conversions for view. i would be interested in the new ratio at $1800 if we could decide on a spec (ie ring size which i think is 9.375" & ratio) & order as time is running out for me, (car has to be loaded in early May to go to Peking for Peking to Paris rally) Chris
  2. i found the post about rear end ratios by 38 buick so i'll read that & join in.
  3. Hello, we are new forum users,i'm not sure where to post this. we are rebuilding (in the UK) a 1937 40 series 2dr coupe for the Peking to Paris Rally in May this year, we have 40 series ring & pinion (4.4:1 ratio) which is very worn, but would like to raise the gearing so looking in the Shop Manual the ring & pinion for a 60 series (3.9:1) lookjs as though it would fit, having contacting Bobs Automobilia & found they are not obtainable, he thinks a later model may fit but is not sure if & what later models will fit. Does any one know if & what later models of 3.9:1 ratio 6
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