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  1. Does anyone have a spring from the front of a first gen. Riviera that is not on the car so I can get some measurements? I need to know the inside diameter of the top of the coil and I need to know if it is square ground or pigtail( I think it's square). Thanks a bunch, I would measure this myself but I don't want to remove a spring if I don't have to.
  2. You say 64 is the only year with wood around radio? and only on deluxe interior ,correct?
  3. Hey 63riviera , are you using your stock wiring harness in that car? I see that you put a better battery and alternator ...The reason I ask is that my wiring harness in my 64 is sketchy,lots of voltage loss throughout the car caused (i'm told) by stock connectors such as the bulkhead connector on the firewall.
  4. I was looking at the post about stereo recommendations and saw the dash in 63riviera's car has a black vinyl covering instead of wood ,my 64 has this also but I thought that a previous owner had just replaced the wood . Was vinyl offered at all? also my door panels have no wood only a vertical metal piece w/a tri-shield logo.what were the different interior options available on first gens and how do I tell if mine is correct? thanks. P.S. Hi everybody,nice forum,never did get the e-mail thing to work.