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  1. Since It's warmed up a little today I'm going to pull the carb and go through it again and check all of the passages, then I'll double check the manual settings on the choke side. When I put it back on I'll check for any leaks. I had originally thought about the icing and the vacuum leaks (since everything shrinks when it's cold) Thanks to everyone- I'll check back with results.
  2. 1954 Roadmaster------------Is it a Buick thing that these cars will not run in cold weather? I am ready to get rid of this car as it is a daily driver but it won't drive daily. Car starts and idles great but once it's warmed up it will only runs for seconds at a time then dies- have to pump the heck out of it to start again then it only lasts for a few more seconds. Runs great during the summer. Thought there might be ice in the lines so I used some heat. The other day it ran like crap until it idled on high for almost a half hour then it was great. I'm not willing to use ten gallons of gas everyday just so it will run good. Carb has been rebuilt, fuel pump is rebuilt, all electric in ignition and charging system is new. Any remedies or ideas would be appreciated. Right now I'm thinking it's time to sell it and get rid of the head ache.
  3. I have actually had great results using rubbing compound and a little elbow grease. I've used it to take out the normal wear scuffs and scratches from rolling door windows up and down.
  4. It seems mine is Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb
  5. If you decide that the roadmaster promo will go for sale, please let us know. I'm thinking there could be a very good bidding war between everyone with a 54 roadie on this site.
  6. Just out of curiosity, where are you located? I'm wondering because a fellow just outside of my town has a ton of these beasts, although I don't know how many for sure but he has a big sign out front that reads----- STUDEBACRES. Growing up I always thought it was a funny sign and called it stupidacres until I found out that he had all those cars sitting in the buildings next to his house.
  7. I recently rebuilt the carb on my 54 Roadmaster, it is a carter 4-barrel. I went by the specs in the repair manual and the sheet that came with the rebuild kit. The car idles and runs great at speed but when accelarating it gets jumpy. It feels like when a flooded engine first fires up and it shudders the whole dang car. This occurs with modest pedal usage, however if I really ease on the gas it takes off very slow but smooth and if i give it a bit more pedal than i'd like(sorta like when you're trying to get into traffic) it stutters the same but comes out of it fairly quickly. As I remember, when I drove it home six months ago it ran pretty rough but didn't stutter with pedal pressure.(although it lacked the power that it has now) O.K., O.K., so the question is...... Does this sound like too little or too much fuel? I set the accelarator pump to specs (9/32 from the top flange with the throttle closed.) Could this setting be pushing too much gas in? I know enough about carburators to get me into trouble and I've got a lot to learn, but my hunch is that I should adjust the pump back down(it was quite aways down before) and it should lean it out some and give better accelaration. Am I dreaming or does this sound like I might have an idea of what I'm talking about? (sorry about the rattling on, I know nobody came here to read a book, but a better description gets better answers.)
  8. Holy s&^% ! That makes the $750 I paid for the 54 look like I got robbed. Deffinatly some very nice steel for a grand plus gas, even if the gas was five bucks a gallon. Sweet car !!!!!
  9. My conundrum was all my doing. The 54 was running rough after sitting for six years so I cleaned the lines and tank, changed fuel filter and rebuilt the carb. Start the car and it runs ok for awhile and then floods out. Fiddled with idle screws- no luck. Not good spark? Change plugs, wires, cap and rotor- no luck. New coil- no luck What the %$ ! Let it sit over night.....Falling asleep...wait a minute..did I remove the cardboard protecter around the new accelerator pump?????? Pull the carb- tear it down and there it is, still wrapped around the dang thing,holding it stuck down and allowing gas to pour right through. Took it off and now it purrs. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor - $85 New coil- $45 Slowing down and paying attention to what you're doing- priceless
  10. Sounds great Lamar! I would be greatful if you could send me some prices(or a price)to either my e-mail or in a message on here. If you happen to have a trunk lock without a key, that would be great too,as I will re-do the lock to fit my current key anyway. Today I need to tear into the ingnition switch to get that working with a key instead of turning by itself. I was hoping that the cylinder would come out without taking out the whole assembly but as my luck would have it, it will not be the case. (I even tried the "drill a hole here" trick in the repair manual.) This car has been a blast to work on even though I've had a few "whoops",such as.......dopped the tank to inspect a non-working sender,wire on sender reostsat was broken so I made a new piece and it now works at half tank and below. Good enough till I can get a repro. unit. Anyways, thought I had the tank flushed good enough but I was wrong. Ended up dropping it again, but with it being so easy I didn't mind. Just for those of you wondering..... I did not cut any extra holes anywhere in the car, the door speakers were put in so they would use the front access panel in the doors. If this gets sold someday I want someone to be able to return everything to stock without any problems.
  11. June first through the third I attended the Goodguys Nationals in Loveland, Colorado. The meet was the biggest one I have ever been to and it was great, but after walking for countless miles and fourteen hours I only encountered four Buicks. What a disappointment! Don't get me wrong, the show was great and with around fifteen hundred cars to look at, I couldn't keep my shirt dry with all the drooling. However I was suprised to not see more Buicks in the bunch. There were two station wagons with the little windows around the top of the roof(my father mentioned the name,but I forget sometimes), one 56 convertable (super?,I can't remember)that was waiting for a resto., and one 49 super in the swap area that needed a whole lot of lovin'. I've been traveling to Colorado for 23 years and nothing against those who live there but I've never ran into the friendliest folks I've ever met, but boy were the people at the show a change of scenery. If someone was taking a picture- everyone near the vehicle backed away and never once did anyone walk in front of my camera when it was in use. Like I said, save for the annual Route 385 cruisers show here in Alliance I've never been to a "real" meet, but if the folks everywhere are as nice as the ones I met, then it's no wonder everyone always has such a great time at these events. Anyways, just thought I'd spout out a little bit of my experiance. Since there's no Buick guys around my neck of the woods, I had to tell someone.
  12. Well, it's been five months and alot of tinkering, but it's starting to take shape. At least it's painted and drivable. As you can see it didn't end up satin black nor will it have grey interior,instead it ended up as close as I could mix it to the original gull grey(without the funky green tinge)and the interior went to black carpet and panels with black or blue diamond velour seat covers.(Oh well) I still haven't been able to locate the passenger rear door spear trim(I have the original but it's mangled) or the little piece that goes between the passeger front and rear doors, so for now it's going to get a white vinyl stripe that matches the sweep spear to cover up the holes. The interior is not finished either, it still lacks the carpet and seat covers. Also I haven't gotten the trunk lock.
  13. I believe NAPA is the best place to start. I just replaced the whole blade with thier "classic" series and they're really close to the originals, plus you can't really go wrong for 13 bucks. Good luck.
  14. Just the rubber piece, then I'll be near complete, save for the correct wiper jar (I believe I have one that's too new),the pass. side rear door moulding, and the little piece in front of that between the doors.
  15. right now I have only one rubber separator that holds the plug wires above the valve cover. I've tried searching for one in the usual places to no avail. My question is...... does anyone know if the grommet off of a 55-56 chevy would work? I've found some on ebay and they look comprable but I'm not sure that they are the correct size. I thought it might be worth a try since GM cars shared quite a few other parts.