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  1. I have an NOS Silver plush carpet set in the GM box for the LXXV and also a few NOS LXXV Fender/trunk emblems.
  2. They could hold your entire order if one item is on backorder. I learned this the hard way after 4 weeks. Tell them to ship what they have when you place the order.
  3. Calipers hold more fluid than cylinders. As pads wear, your fluid level will get down to a point you are sucking air. Of course you can always add fluid, but then if you squeeze your calipers to install fresh pads, you will have too much fluid for the system. Every disc setup I have seen has a much larger reservoir.
  4. I have had good luck using ABS cement for drain pipes. It is a cement so it melts it together. Works on all those broken mounting tabs also. and cheap.
  5. They are also out of the 64 material now. They told me the same story about their supplier...out of Oregon. I think they are speaking of SMS being out. They are also out of wood kits. The fawn beaumonde is unbelievably beautiful.
  6. Hi Guys, Back from the dead after 2 different people gave me a heads up I was being summoned. Too many other car projects and a 12 hour a day job have temporarily sidelined the 65. Someday soon I will be back on it and finish it. I tried a couple of ideas. One was what you see above. That was a separate actuator for each side that would be up under the upper skin of the fender and pulling back the top of the door. It would work but serviceability would be difficult. Another idea I started working on was an actuator also made by Autoloc but used for the retractable hidden license frame. I had this really close to being worked out. The devices are much smaller and would be really slick. Another idea would be to drop in a shorter 4 inch linear actuator and attach it to the same point on the clamshell that the short arm of the stock linkage normally goes. There is enough room down low behind the turn signal area to sneak in an actuator but keep it accessible for adjustment and serviceability. The last idea would be similar to above but retain the pivot joint and the short arm referred to above but attach a short linear actuator to the pivot joint with the LA's running left to right behind the grille in the same plane as the stock long linkage arms. For me, I wanted to run both doors separate of each other. That is why I was looking for a TWO actuator system. Removing the guts from the stock headlamp motor so it freewheels and attaching only one actuator to either of the stock long linkage arms would be the easiest and cheapest method. I think there is a Youtube video on that idea. This is the license frame deal Dave
  7. Ok Guys, Been gone a while but since this thread was started by my buddy Ed, I felt compelled... Jamco and Coil Spring Specialties are the same product!!! I have dealt with Jamco for over a decade. Jim Sr passed about 4 years ago and his boy gave the business a try. Went OK at first, but then it turned into more and more stretched promises until finally more than 6 months went by on an order with claims that "FedEx lost 14 sets of springs". The fish got bigger and bigger. Frustrated and VERY concerned about using just any other brand, I got Jr to reveal that they actually use a company in the midwest to make their springs. Google searches, live phone calls to receivables depts (cause you KNOW he probably was not paying his suppliers either) led me to Coil Spring Specialties. They verified that they have been doing business for 2 decades with Jamco. I ordered a set and they came in the same box, same labels, etc. Funniest part is that their website is If I were smarter I would have started there instead of ending up there. Oh well. Talk to Perry, Virgina, or Kevin Crane. Tell them Dave G sent you. This entire ordeal reminded me of another guy that bought a well-known 50's speed parts business and is also very crafty and creative with his excuses and stories. When something is too big and colorful of a story, you just gotta know it is not true. You Buick guys know who he is. Still don't know if Jr is crooked or just clueless. He was always nice. Probably just a bad businessman that got in over his head and couldn't pay his suppliers. Figured I would share my secret about the springs because they are truly the best I have used. I have ordered 5 sets for Cadillacs, 3 sets for Lincolns, 3 sets for Rivieras, recently a set for my Chevelle, etc. Guys...2 weeks or less most of the time. Ordered a set a week ago Monday for the Lincoln and had them delivered yesterday to CA from Kansas. AWESOME huh? Now maybe it's time to get that damned 65 project going again!!! Values are rising again Take care Dave
  8. I don't remember. I called Marc Smiley at Classic and he gave me direction.
  9. If you cut just the rubber part in 2 straight parallel lines one on either side of the metal sleeve, you end up with an oval shape. Basically the metal sleeve wall is the small diameter of an oval and the uncut rubber makes for the larger diameter of the oval. Then it will fit into the frame with any mod
  10. Jamco is the choice for me. I have used 4 sets on a variety of cars including a 65 and a 71 Riv. very nice ride. Just bought another set for a 70 Cad
  11. These are on a friend's car. 15x6's 215/75/15 in the front 235/75/15 in the rear. He is working on ideas to replace the Cad emblem.
  12. Hey Doug, I simply cut 2 opposite side off to create the oval shape.
  13. I believe they are the ones that now own the Tru=Spoke brand. They can supply many other brands as well. Dave Adler is the guy and is very prompt from a customer service standpoint.
  14. Doug, Classic Buicks will supply you with a kit
  15. ...and 14's won't fit over the drums. 15" minimum, 5x5, if you are going reversed you can only go 6 inch width or they will stick out too far in the front. Standards are more flexible in that regard. I will be running 15x6 reversed up front and 15x7 reversed in the rear. Some tru's were unilug but I think the "new" ones are bolt specific.
  16. Those are the reversed model. Who you calling hoopty Ed? HA!
  17. There was a photo in an older Riview of Russell Crowe giving Meg Ryan a 63 Riv as a gift. Wonder where that went after the breakup?
  18. I'm gonna get off my lazy butt and finish my project Riv. Wire harness is next. Interior is in bags just waiting. Wheels are coming.
  19. Hey Nick, The car is not on the road yet so I cannot give any real world info on how well what I chose works.
  20. I have used the SEM stuff in the past also and I found that regular SEM pre cleaner/solvent worked very well to clean the surface first. This is the same stuff you would wipe down a car with prior to paint on the exterior.