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  1. First, this will hijack the thread, BUT it is YOUR thread so what the hell right? Jamco 3 inchers with a bit more cut off the front. Rear arms notched to get a additional inch or so. Valve covers are Moon. They are the only ones without a name that look really nice (I think). There are a few other cars on the page. The big build is still in primer and I am almost done with the engine compartment. The stock Champagne one I did about 3 years ago. The beige one with wide whites is a buddy's car. That is the one we perfected the suspension "formula" on. That car rides really nice, turns without r
  2. Click that Facebook link in my signature. I have about 500 pictures in there of the build so far.
  3. Having used WAY too much POR15, just be absolutely certain the prep is good. Brush it on with a solvent brush and do 2 coats. They have a marine clean and a metal etch product that may help, but that etch REALLY has to be cleaned off. I don't use that unless I have questionable areas. I photo documented much of my own engine paint process. The brush on deal makes touch up fantastic. You will be impressed with how much paint (solids) are actually going on your engine rather than into the air with a rattle can. It is more of a coating than a paint just cause of the thickness. It flows out beaut
  4. Should all be the same. Sometimes when valve covers are removed for servicing, they will be freshened up and look a bit different. Also, they are made of different material and handle different amounts of heat so maybe they age differently?
  5. I'm a POR15 guy. The only burn-off I ever had was on my 71' 455 near the exhaust ports, but if you look at ANY 455, you will never see paint that sticks to that especially hot spot on the heads. Take a look at my facebook page for some real world 65 Riv buick green POR15 engine enamel. I love the stuff!!
  6. Ed, 58 11/16's is your number 50 7/16 back of drum edge to drum edge. Each drum is 4 1/8 to mounting face, Is this cool?
  7. Hey Ed, I can get a drum to drum pretty easily since I have the frame off the car. Would that work?
  8. Black and Saddle (leather though). The one I am building will be that color. Follow along with my frame up 1965 Buick Riviera | Facebook
  9. Jim, That was awesome information. I appreciate the knowledge you and Ed shared.
  10. Are the lights connected to the Courtesy light switch above the radio? I don't remember if that switch is only for the console lights or if it also triggers the sail panel lights.
  11. Take a slotted screwdriver or better yet something slim but firm plastic shim and slip it between the skin and the door shell. Apply some pressure in an attempt to separate them and that should keep the T-stud from spinning. Be careful of the painted surfaces. Run those studs through a tap on reinstall and a little dum dum to keep them in place. You will have a couple of nuts that are not acorn shape holding the body side moulding on. You will also have a couple of philips head screws at the top of the door hidden behind the trim at the top of the door skin at the vent window area. Take the ph
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