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  1. I have both service manual books one and two from 1995 and 1996 for the Riviera. I would call them in good condition. Not perfect but good. I could txt or email pictures. I would like $50 for the 1995 books and the $50 for the 1996 books plus shipping. I'm an not really sure how much it might cost to ship but they are kind of heavy. I'll figure that out if anyone is even interested in these books. I'll probably need to know where they are shipping to get a better idea on shipping costs anyway.
  2. I finally figured my problem out. I found that the photo cell (light sensor) in the dash was not sensing the light right. It didn't think it was dark enough and would keep the lights from turning on.
  3. If I knew I'd tell you but I can't seem to figure the one I'm working on out either. Today I didn't have a lot of time to work on the one I'm working on but I did get a chance to take the headlight switch all apart and clean it out but that didn't fix my problem. I am going to order another BCM and see what hapens. I take about a week for it to get to my dealership so I wont know if that is the problem for while.
  4. They aren't always this bad but they just seem like they are hard to figure out. They have one of the first ABS systems and all you get out of them are codes. If they are bad they are very expesive. Ususlly just have problems with the accumulator or pressure switch. Ever tried to replace a turn signal flasher on one of the newer riviera/reatta with the normal type clicking flasher? Not easy like it should be. They have a BCM that most cars didn't have back then. They have a Central Power supply that as far as I know, no other cars have that. Maybe a Corvette? They have a CRT screen in them but those, in the past anyway, haven't been that hard to figure out becuase ususaly I just have to replace it. They run the dash backlights on 110 AC volts. Why would they do that? just to light up those lights the power goes through the light switch, the BCM, then to the IPC, and then the IPC sends power signal to the inverters, then the inverters power up the incandesent lights. Other cars that GM made all you needed was a switch and variable resistor and the bulbs. Not just the Reatta, the Riviera was the same way until the 1995 Riviera. They just made these cars way more complicated than they needed to. I own a 1995 riviera and like it, easy to work on.
  5. You should check the wires near the conector for the level sensor. Sometimes they hang down a little bit and rocks and stuff hit them and break or corrode them. Not saying the air the compressor air release valve isn't bad but if the wire that powers the air release is broken that could be why it dosen't work.
  6. I work at a buick dealer and have for the last 9 years. Everytime I see a Buick Reatta come in the door I want to quit my job. I prety much hate working on these cars. Anyway, as usual I am having a terible time figuring out what is wrong with an 89 buick reatta. The lights in the swithces and the gear selector indicator don't light up. Pushing the fog light switch doens't make them work either. The customer said that sometime pushing the fog light would make them work but I can't get them to come on with either the headlight switch or the fog light. I know the BCM knows that the headlights lights are on because I can see that with the scan tool and it also shows the % that the dimming slider is set at. I ordered and replaced the BCM and after I replaced it the lights came on for about 1 sec and then the went back off and wont come back on. I can get all the lights to work by jumping 5Volts to the wire that comes out of the BCM to power up the light so I know the inverters and the illuminesent lights are good. I just can't seem to get the BCM to put the signal out to tell the IPC to turn on all the lights. I need help this customer wants the lights to work and I've got a $150 BCM and 8 hours of time in this car and at $100 an hour that isn't good. To tell you the truth at this point I would rather just buy the BCM myself and give back all the time I've already got in the car if they would never make me work on one of these cars ever again. We don't even have the service manual for these cars anymore. I did manage to find a wiring diagram so that is better than nothing I guess.