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  1. Superman vs. The Mole Men has a great 50 Roadmaster convertible driven by Clark Kent.
  2. I am selling a 1950 GMC ice cream truck for a friend on ebay. I don't know how to post the link, but I have a few pictures to attach here. It is fully functional, running and driving. It could be a real money maker for the right person.
  3. Jeff, I misunderstood. When you said checkmark, I thought you meant the Century checkmark emblem. I'm still interested in the shift indicator though. Is there a power antenna? I'm also always needing power steering pulleys, air cleaners, carbs, intakes (all 4 barrel), AC brackets, exhaust manifolds, turn signal cams, horn buttons and horn rings, oil pans, scripts and wiper switches.
  4. I'll take the checkmark moulding. Also would like the tiny shift indicator pointy thing if you have that available.
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