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  1. The car should be judged with the spare in place in the car. An AACA judge will not ask you to remove a cover to judge a component.
  2. Sounds like the float is hung up inside the carb or the needle is not closing off causing the engine to flood.
  3. You will find several links through LCOC www.lcoc.org They are the largest Lincoln club in the US. Herb at lincolnoldparts will be one of your best sources for parts.
  4. Here's a picture of my '61 Polara. My Dad bought it new and it became my first car. Still have it, but need to have the transmission overhauled to get it back out on the road. I think there may be a picture of the ashtray in the sales lit. I'll check and scan it in. I've seen one car where brushed stainless was used in place of the plastic. Do you have the plastic inserts on the front door moldings? What shape are they in? I have not been able to find those either.
  5. The key word in everything said above is EPOXY primer. The spec sheets for epoxy primer state that body filler can be applied over the primer and it will hold. If you are not using epoxy primer, the filler should be applied to bare metal. When applying filler over epoxy primer, you must scuff the shine off the primer with a grey scuff pad or the filler will not hold.
  6. They had a plastic cover with metal knob. I've been looking for quite a while for a pair as well.
  7. It's interesting also that this '48 has 46-47 style gauges and cream color steering wheel and dash buttons rather than black as used in '48. Also it is wearing a '47 emblem on the hood.
  8. From the current judging manual: "The following items are accepted for judging without penalty under the “Grandfather Clause”, due to their initial acceptance in the beginning of the judging program.a. Whitewall tires. Must be proper size designation and proper style. b. 1941 Last use of double whitewall tires" My personal interpretation of this is that if the car is displayed with the correct size and style tire there would be no deduction for single side white wall on a pre-1942 car. I believe Ford continued double whitewall through 1941. HPOF would follow these guidelines as well.
  9. Looks great, can't wait to see it in person!
  10. You would flip up the lid and load the cigarettes side by side. When you pull down on the knob, a cigarette slides into position. When you release the knob, the cigarette is pushed out the top.
  11. Very rare. These were continued post war with only a different plastic center using the post war emblem. Note that the wheel was turned when the car was parked, so the wheel is upside down. Tough choice, do you have the wheel or dash upside down in the photo!
  12. Check out this post for some additional information. http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1938-buick-brakes-wont-build-pressure-338453.html
  13. You should have plenty. Just remember, brake fluid is one of the best paint removers. If you spill some on paint, wipe it up and flush with water and you will be ok. Let us know how it goes.
  14. And don't forget Mr. Toyoda (Toyota)
  15. I agree with cben09, mosture in the brake fluid caused the rust ring and brown sludge in the cylinder. Does the other piston in the cylinder move freely or is it stuck? The rust in the sludge will cause the seal to leak. This is a good rebuildable cylinder. Don't throw it away! These are easly to rebuild and a rebuild kit is much cheaper than a cylinder. All your other cylinders most likely look like this and should be rebuilt as well. A basic repair manual will cover how to overhaul these cylinders. Check your service manual and see if a major adjustment is needed when you put the sho
  16. See the link below. Later Buicks went to a one key system, but yours is a two key set up. GM only used about 20-30 different keys up through the 60's, so call all your friends with 30's to 60's GM cars and offer them a prize if their key unlocks your car. I remember my Dad telling me the story of his friend with a '41 Chevrolet that had the same locks as Dad's '38 Pontiac and tricks he would pull on his friend. A few years back, a friend locked the keys in my '41 Chevrolet, so remembering this story, I went through my key box and my '48 Cadillac trunk key unlocked the Chevy door! You may
  17. There are four convertibles known. The trim strips on the fenders are unique to '42 DeSoto and are chrome plated steel rather than stainless. I've found quite a few parts on e-bay through the years. Sometimes it takes a sharp eye, because '42 parts may be advertised as '46-'48 and may not be the same. Looking forward to your additional pictures.
  18. To tell if your wheel cylinder is in need of overhaul or replacement, it will look like the second photo when your remove the boot or may only be wet inside. No leakage was seen on the outside of the boot, just like your photo. The first photo is the same cylinder disassembled. It took a shot of compressed air to pop one piston out, then I could used the brass drift to tap the other piston out. This cylinder cleaned up fine and with an overhaul kit, was put back on the car. If one cylinder is bad, most likely they all are or close to it. I would change all of them and all three hoses.
  19. Great find! The engine should be silver with black accesories. I would use dextron rather than type F.
  20. I believe the Buicks of this period are a single key system in that the ignition, doors, trunk and glove box are all keyed the same. The glove box lock is the easiest to pull. Take it out. On some of these, once they are out you can get to the pins and determine the keying. On others, a key can be made by the impression method. Call the locksmiths in your area and see if they can make a key by the impression method, if not move over to another one. I've had a number of keys made this way.
  21. You're at the point where the hydraulic pump should start running. The trip switch may not have made contact because it is out of adjustment. Hold the top switch in the up position and try lifting up on the deck lid and see if the pump starts. If not, it could be a bad pump, relay or switch. Try contacting the person who restored the hydraulics and relays.
  22. Steve, Thank you for wanting to preserve your 560 SL as an HPOF vehicle. If the top is of the correct material and the appearance of the top is correct, you belive it is original and the judges agree, there would be no deduction. Polishing of the stainless trim is cleaning, so again no deduction. Repainting the wheels should be disclosed and would be considered for a deduction while replacing them with original wheels that have not been repainted would not be. If you replace the carpet with a better carpet set from another 560 SL there should be no deduction as long as it matches. If a new
  23. Per the factory manual torque to a minimum of 142 ft-lb. This high level of torque is needed to set the brake drum on the tapered axle shaft.
  24. Knowing the year of your DeSoto will help us answer your questions.
  25. You're thoughts may be right, check the fluid in the coupling. Also, did you have the parking brake on or are the brakes not releasing?
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