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  1. Howard, I know exactly where Byron, GA is...use to pass by there all the time when I lived in FL, traveling back home to NC. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as I get further into it. Mrcvs, is your upholstry leather or imatation leather?
  2. Howard, I'll send you the mesurements from my '21 touring this weekend. Just bought it in October and trying to free the engine now. Where are you in Georgia. My car is stored in SC about 30 miles from the Georgia line off of I85.
  3. The HPOF cars are evaluated based on the originality of the unrestored components rather than point judged. These cars are still held to AACA judging standards which require the top to be up and windows up. You can show the car with either top up, as both are original. Since AACA does not require removal of components to judge another component, the hardtop can stay on the car and the soft top will not be evaluated (no deduction) or you can show with the soft top up and it will be evaluated with no deduction for not having a hardtop. I would not recommend displaying the top next to the car
  4. Some state began titles in the 1920's or earlier and title laws vary a lot from state to state. Start by contacting your state Department of Motor Vehicles and see if there is a process to obtain a title or registration for your bike.
  5. I received the same letter and wrote Herb back with the date of the school I attended. He called me on Friday and said 30 some letters were sent out in error and he was contacting each of the people involved. If you do not hear from Herb, I suggest contacting him.
  6. I went and saw this car yesterday. I have too many project to take this one on, but wanted to pass on what I saw. This is a solid, restorable car and appears to be complete except for missing front and rear bumpers. Included are both spare wheels, side mounting hardware and hold downs and both covers. He has all removed chrome including the radiator cap, hood door pulls, tail light, interior door hardware and the chrome strips on the luggage rack. The dash cluster is in great shape. The laminated glass in most of the windows is fogged and must be replaced. He also has the trunk that cam
  7. These were sales catalogs that the supply house used to show and match the part. They were an aftermarket supply house. One local old supply house still has them as well as some of the parts.
  8. If the windshield is dry, that will cause vacuum wipers to run slow. Try running them with a wet windshield and let us know how they run.
  9. I just purchased a 1921 Maxwell and the prior owner could not located the ignition key. It is a Clum lock with key code 31. This should use a Ilco 1040 blank. It may be the same as a Model T key 31. Any one have one or a source to have one cut? Thanks,
  10. On 1960 Buicks, there is a round steel plug in the bottom, center of the intake manifold that could have blown out in the backfire. You will have to pull the intake to get to it. A standard flat freeze plug can be used as a replacement. 1957 may be the same.
  11. 42 Desoto. Send me a PM with price if you wish to sell it
  12. I think this is the same as a 1957 Buick. On these Buicks, the vacuum pump is on the oil pump. The tube coming out of the side of the pan is the vacuum port should be connected to the wiper vacuum circuit with a vacuum hose. There should not be any oil coming out of this tube. If so, you need to rebuild the oil/vacuum pump.
  13. My first car, Dad bought it new and I was with him at 8 years old and I still have it.
  14. It's been 30 years since I've done it, but there are two screws, one at each end of the lower panel, that hold the gauge cluster. Nothing else has to be removed.
  15. Why?................8.00x15 on this car drive wonderfully. They look right in the wheel well as well.
  16. They may be the same. Same frame. I seem to remember a 1946 Dodge 3 window coupe I owned years ago having a long flat area in front of the rear axle hump in the trunk. That would have been the rear seat area.
  17. Your cold start problem is most likely the choke plate not closing. These carbs have a vacuum pull-off piston that can get stuck in the carb body preventing the choke plate from moving.
  18. Aside from everything else, insist on a title or registration in his name. This is something he should have done when he first bought the car and he is trying to pass this problem on to you. If he says its simple, then have him do it. If he refuses, run away, there is a problem, even if he is a good friend. If he says he will do it, then you can consider the other issues raised here. If he won't, you don't have to consider any of the other issues.
  19. Let me know date and time as well, I'll be there
  20. I know of a '46 Special with the original and my '47 Roadmaster has the original without the cross bar. 1948 was the first year with the cross bar from the factory. Replacements all had the cross bar.
  21. Call the National Office, they can give you the contact info.
  22. Basically, that's right. All of four of them must be the same brand.
  23. Yes, it is period correct. All must match to avoid a deduction.
  24. Turn the key straight up to ON and step on the gas...about half way. The switch is on the carb. Someone may have added an aftermarket starter switch. If that's the case you will need to figure out how they wired it. I doubt that anything from a 49 Chevy would work without major fabrication.
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