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  1. Specific points are not revealed to the owner, but the area of deduction is highlighted  on the form from the VP Judging, if requested.

  2. 21 hours ago, Grimy said:

    I *believe* ANCO was only aftermarket, whereas Trico was OEM--but that may be for earlier cars.  You might want to search for a Trico application as well.

    Mopar used ANCO wipers from the factory in these years.

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  3. I agree that it is not a 1953.  The straight 8 engine was last used in 1952 except for the Special series which continued it through 1953.  Also, Buick did not offer a 4 speed manual transmission unless  you count reverse as a speed.  I very nice car.

  4. Looking back at your pictures, I think you should consider the DPC (Drivers Participation Class).  Class judging is based on how the car was delivered to the owner.  I don't believe your rims, tires or blue ignition wires are 1965 correct.  I don't know Tigers that well, but you should have documention that the air cleaner and valve covers are factory correct for 1965.  A very nice car, but for AACA judging purposes I think DPC is the best option.

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  5. Greg, it does not go in the heater box.  That is under the hood.  The coil stays inside the car.  It goes in the airflow of the heater outlet inside the car behind the glove box.  The other guys are giving you general information not Chrysler specific information.  If your heater core was inside the car, there info would be correct but your heater core is in the engine compartment.   I have a '50 Chrysler and it is the same system as yours.

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  6. Carpet remints work great you can change them often as needed.  Keep the plywood floor.  It's not big enough for a show room and just adds weight.  I believe in over kill in towing.  For the past 10 years I've towed a 24' enclosed hauling a '56 Lincoln Conv.  I specified HD axles for the larger brakes (7500 Lbs).  I had the manufacturer rate the trailer at 10,000 pounds to keep out of CDL requirements, but I knew I actually had 15,000 pounds rated available.  Way over kill.  Pulled by a Chevy 3500,  long bed dualy.  Way over kill again, but in 100,000 miles of towing, never an issue or scare.

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  7. It's coiled up and left behind the glove compartment box on the inside of the car.  This controls the flow of hot water through the water valve to control the temp inside the car.  Graham Man is describing the temperature gage tube, but I think you are describing the heater water valve.  You may want to support the coil with a loop of wire or zip tie.

    Heater valve 1950 Chrysler.jpg

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  8. On 8/17/2019 at 8:43 AM, Dynaflash8 said:

    In addition, in 1947 Buick changed the factory size for the Roadmaster (Model 70) from 7.00x15 to 8.20x15.

    The change was actually in 1948.  When getting my '47 Series 70 ready for the road, I followed the BCA Judging Guidelines and ordered 8.20x15 tires.  They wouldn't fit under the rear finders or in the spare tire well in the trunk.  I researched It further and found the change was in 1948.  Documentation was sent to BCA and the Judges Guidelines were corrected.  I used the 8.20x15's on my '48 Cadillac 60S.  I just wasn't planning on buying 10 tires that month.

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