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  1. I saw several years ago that documentation on these regional models is very difficult if not impossible to find.  Restoration of one of these for show would be a challenge with the apparent lack of documentation.  I believe the modifications were approved by the local regional office of Ford and those records are limited.  I hope someone has a positive side to add to this.

  2. I've been in AACA long enough to remember the panic when the 1955-1958 years were accepted (they added 2 years each year to move from a 35 year to 25 year cut off) and when the 1965 Mustangs were accepted.  Major panic in both of those years that the club would be run over by both makes.  It never happened.  Great each new year of AACA cars with open arms.

  3. Ford began assembling Model T's in Charlotte in 1914.  In 1916 moved to a larger existing building.  In 1924. assembly moved to a new plant designed by Alfred Kahn.  This assembly plant operated until 1933.  During WWII it was a US Army weapons depot and after the war became warehouse space.  This building has been saved.

    Ford Assembly Plant Charlotte NC.jpg

  4. At least one '81-'83 Imperial four door sedan or limo was built.  I saw it in Atlanta around 1984 or 1985 parked at a gas station in downtown Atlanta.  When I had to go into the office in the afternoons and the parking lots were full I would pull into this station and have the oil changed and pick it up after work.  Lots of people figured out this trick.  These Imperials have always been a favorite of mine so I know what I saw.  I have no idea how did the coachwork and don't have a picture of it, but it did exist and was black.  Never saw it again.  It was a very graceful looking car and I thought that this is what Chrysler should have made as well as the coupe.  It must have been one of these two done by Andrew Horton Associates of Belleville, Mich.Imperial Limousine4 1981Imperial Limousine3 1981

  5. How old is the 8v battery?  If over 4 or 5 years it is probably on the way out.  Replace it with a 6v battery.  With an 8v battery all accessories will work with no problem, but are 25% faster or higher at 8v.   That means you gas gauge is 25% high.


    I think you are looking at the amp gauge and seeing it swing way over to the charge side.  This is normal.  By the 1970's car manufacturers were switching to volt gauges, which don't tell you much compared to an amp gauge because customers were concerned about the amp gauge swinging over to the full change setting and moving when the turn signal was on.  This is all normal and just shows that the charging system is working, not that the system is over taxed.  It takes about 25+ highway miles to recharge a battery after a hard, cold start.  I bet you are not driving that far.  If the car starts immediately, then the amp gauge should return to normal in 5-10 miles of driving.


    I think your charging system should be ok and that you are not familiar with the way an amp gauge operates.


    BTW, if they increased the settings on the voltage regulator for 8v you may need to reset it for 6 v.

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  6. 1953 and 1954 are the same.  Find the best wheel you can if you are going to try to repair one yourself.  We have the mold to completely recast that wheel if you decide to go that route.  There are some excellent repair and paint guys out there as well.