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  1. Hi Peter,

    That car is not sill around to my knowledge.  It was my grandfathers.  That's my dad on the front fender and his older sister on the running board.  I do have a 1921 Maxwell touring that was restored in the 1950's.  The engine is stuck and I'm trying to free it.  I'll be glad to help on anything I can.

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  2. Sorry, Cheryl  and I will not be at Gettysburg.   I had three other judges from HNR talked into it. But now they have all decided to stay home. Oh well..

    On 8/5/2020 at 3:32 PM, Phillip Cole said:


    Glad you got the info you needed! 

    I'll be interested in what works out on the Glidden rotation.  I guess 2020 will be a footnote on a future list....

    Sorry, Cheryl  and I will not be at Gettysburg.   I had three other judges from HNR talked into it. But now they have all decided to stay home. Oh well...

    Tell Marion we said Hi, we'll miss you guys.

    I've sent you a PM on your other issue. 



    Tom Gibson and I as well as at least one other Hornets Nest Region members will be in Gettysburg.  You and Cheryl should be too!

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  3. "So this small duct is the reason they are saying that the sedan carpet will not fit the convertible?"


    This is the duct for the rear heat. Both the sedan and convertible have this duct.  Trust me, my '67 convertible has '67 sedan carpet that I pulled out of a salvage yard car around 1980 and fits perfectly.  There is no difference.  Your supplier made his pattern from a sedan and assumes it won't fit a convertible.  Order the carpet.  If it doesn't fit, it won't fit a sedan either.

  4. Resized_20201017_142748.jpg.a7e9b18233cd

    I believe this car is an SE not an R/T.  The car should be one or the other.  The SE emblem is clear on the C pillar and SE's came standard with vinyl tops.  An SE could receive any available engine option.  Much more documentation is needed on this car before it can be declared a factory R/T.

  5. 1 hour ago, auburnseeker said:

    Is it this type of choke like the one mounted on this manifold? 


    This is the type choke you should have with a rod from the arm to the choke arm on the carb.  This was a very advanced system for the day as it is an electric choke.  Pressing the accelerator pedal does not engage the choke.  There is a wire coming out of the top of the choke connected to the starter relay which engages the choke when you press the start button.  The bi-metallic spring inside slowly releases the choke as the engine warms up.

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  6. It seems that this car does have Fluid Drive with the Vacamatic transmission.  Will the shift leaver move into the first gear position?  If so, the first gear blocker plate has been removed.  This is not a problem.  The factory shop manual gives the procedure.  The car can be driven as a three speed manual or as a semi-automatic buy only using the third gear position.  However, the fluid drive cars used a smaller clutch than the true manual transmission MoPars.  Slipping the clutch to start the car rolling will decrease the life of the clutch.  It's better to release the clutch while the car is stopped and then accelerate.

  7. I would have a large brake pedal and a smaller clutch pedal.   The clutch pedal should say "Safety Clutch".  Also, you could start the car, put it in third, keep your foot on the brake and release the clutch.  The engine should not stall.  Good luck on your purchase.  They are great driving cars.

  8. Fluid Drive (the coupling) was standard equipment on all 1941 New Yorkers with manual or Vacamatic transmission.  Does your horn button say Fluid Drive as well or is it plain?  Researching the 1941 Chrysler shop manual, it appears that the 8 cylinder cars used a three-speed transmission with overdrive.  Low gear was blocked out, so they drove the same as the 6 cylinder underdrive cars.  This transmission had an overdrive lockout knob which when pulled out locked out overdrive and the driver would have only second and third gear, with no automatic upshift.  The normal drive position was with the knob in.  Normal driving would be in the "Drive" position or third gear, starting in third and upshifting to third overdrive.  The shop manual further states that if the owner desires first gear, to remove the blocking plate.  This would provide a full three speed transmission with overdrive.  If you have a fluid coupling, I believe the low gear blocking plate has been removed.


    Based on this, if your car has the fluid coupling, then having a rear bumper that says "Fluid Drive" is correct.

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