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  1. You can try Wheatbelt in Oklahoma. He has Buicks from the '40's to '76. He advertises in the Riview.580-855-2449
  2. I think there is a guy on rivperformance.com that is parting out a maroon interior riv.
  3. Sorry to BUMP again. There's not much info out there for the late model riv's so I just wanted to give the new guys an opportunity to find this site. Thanks.
  4. Roberta, It sounds like you may be doing a few things to the "creampuff" in the near future. For late model Riviera information you should look at rivperformance.com Lots of information pertaining to our model rivs.
  5. Bump <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  6. There is an alternative if you want to do away with the self leveling system and go with a better handling suspension at http://rivfaq.freespaces.com/ It's listed under the Rancho shock mod...
  7. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I,too, like the last riviera model; and this one looks sweet. Is that air-intake by the rear wheel functional? Did it come from the factory that way? </div></div> The side vents are from the Z-06 Corvette. You can buy either the functional or cosmetic. I wasn't sure if the contour of the vent would fit the contour of the Riv so I ordered the cosmetic ones since they were a third of the price. Someday, when I repaint the car I'll switch to the functional now that
  8. Sweet looking rides! I love all of them! Here are a couple late model pics to represent...
  9. Update: Website has changed to: http://www.rivperformance.com/
  10. 95 to 99 were the Supercharged Rivs? 95 was the Series I 3800 and 96 and up had the Series II engine, which is the more perferred. http://rivperformance.editboard.com/index.htm will have a great deal of info about those engines.
  11. I just wanted to let all the late model ROA guys know about a new forum that emphasizes late model mods and performance issues. It holds a wealth of information pertaining to 95-99 model Rivs. You can check it out at http://rivperformance.editboard.com/index.htm
  12. Hey John, DId you get your issues with the riv performance board resolved? If not, let me know. We need to get that worked out!
  13. Front of dash needed for 95 Riv. The piece that goes around the gauges, across the radio and runs across the front of the dash. Black would be great, but I'll take any color at this point. Yes, it has to be 95 specific. Thanks guys.
  14. If you have a fax# I can fax you some pages from my Rivi manual. The short of it is, to lower the shocks from the sensor; Loosen the lock bolt that clamps the metal actuating arm to the plastic actuating arm. To raise trim height, move plastic arm upward; to lower trim height, move it downward. Tighten lock bolt.
  15. Can anybody give me suggestions for lowering my 95 model Riv? Eldibrock used to make a lowering kit, but I haven't been able to locate one. Short of bagging the car, I'm not sure what I can do. I thought about tricking the ride level on the air shocks in the back, but then I didn't know how to take care of the front...suggestions?
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